3DPVT'10: Program Set & Call for Participation 5th International Symposium 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission Espace Saint Martin, Paris, France, May 17-20, 2010 http://www.3dpvt2010.org This meeting presents new research ideas and results related to the capture, representation, compact storage, transmission, processing, editing, optimization and visualization of 3D data. These topics span a number of research fields from applied mathematics, computer science, and engineering: computer vision, computer graphics, geometric modeling, signal and image processing, bioinformatics, and statistics. This symposium follows previous highly successful events in Padova 2002, Thessaloniki 2004, Chapel Hill 2006 and Atlanta 2008. ================================================================ Conference Overview ================================================================ Full conference program for 3DPVT now available at: http://www.3dpvt2010.org Deadline for early registration: April 16th 2010 Keynotes Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research Redmond, USA) Aloysha Efros (CMU, USA) George Drettakis (INRIA, France) Tutorials Christian Sminchisescu ¬ (University of Bonn, Germany) - ¬ Structured Prediction for Computer Vision Bennett Wilburn (Microsoft Research Asia, China) - Photometric Methods for 3-D Modeling ================================================================ Program summary ================================================================ Tuesday 18 Invited Talk - Alyosha Efros (CMU, USA) Oral Sessions Color and depth Does Color Really Help in Dense Stereo Matching? - Michael Bleyer and Sylvie Chambon Near Real-Time Stereo With Adaptive Support Weight Approaches - Asmaa Hosni, Michael Bleyer and Margrit Gelautz Dynamic scene reconstruction Real-time Stereo Matching using Adaptive Binary Window - Raj Gupta and Siu-Yeung Cho Iterative Deformable Surface Tracking in Multi-View Setups - Cedric Cagniart, Edmond Boyer and Slobodan Ilic Multi-view geometry and calibration Robust Game-Theoretic Inlier Selection for Bundle Adjustment - Andrea Albarelli, Emanuele Rodol√ and Andrea Torsello A global camera network calibration method with Linear Programming - J√©r√īme Courchay, Arnak Dalalyan, Renaud Keriven and Peter Sturm Projective Epipolar Rectification for a Multi-imager Linear Array - Harlyn Baker, Zeyu Li, Gregorij Kurillo, Ruzena Bajcsy Towards real time camera self calibration. Significance and active selection - Antonio Martos, Lars Krueger and Christian W√∂hler 3D view registration and matching Three-dimensional reconstruction for multi-view stereo-vision data using Maximum Likelihood Estimation - Jordi Ferrer, Rafael Garcia, Armagan Elibol and Nuno Gracias Physical Scale Intensity-Based Range Keypoints - Eric Smith, Charles Stewart and Richard Radke Matching shapes by eigendecomposition of the Laplace-Beltrami operator - Anastasia Dubrovina and Ron Kimmel Temporally coherent segmentation of 3D reconstructions - Kiran Varanasi and Edmond Boyer Wednesday 19 Invited Talk - George Drettakis (INRIA, France) Oral Sessions Shape and motion Incremental Free-Space Carving for Real-Time 3D Reconstruction - David Lovi, Neil Birkbeck, Dana Cobzas and Martin Jagersand Depth and Scene Flow from a Single Moving Camera - Neil Birkbeck, Dana Cobzas and Martin Jagersand Architecture and urban modeling Sequential Classification in Point Clouds of Urban Scenes - Ioannis Stamos and Olympia Hadjiliadis Toward Automated Modeling of Floor Plans - Brian Okorn, Xuehan Xiong, Kurcu Akinci and Daniel Huber Interpolation, smoothing, and feature extraction Parallelized 3D optical flow method for fluid mechanics applications - Tamas Regert, Benoit Tremblais and Laurent David The Level Set Tree on Meshes - Julie Digne, Jean-Michel Morel, Nicolas Audfray and Charyar Mehdi-Souzani On Recall Rate of Interest Point Detectors - Henrik Aan√¶s, Anders Dahl and Kim Pedersen Feature-Based Deformable Surface Detection with Self-Occlusion Reasoning - Daniel Pizarro and Adrien Bartoli 3D Video TofCut: Towards Robust Real-time Foreground Extraction Using a Time-of-Flight Camera - Liang Wang, Chenxi Zhang, Ruigang Yang and Cha Zhang 3D Semantic Representation of Actions from efficient stereo-image-sequence segmentation on GPUs - Alexey Abramov, Eren Erdal Aksoy, Johannes Doerr, Karl Pauwels, Florentin Woergoetter, Babette Dellen Harmonised Texture Mapping - Takeshi Takai, Adrian Hilton and Takashi Matsuyama Self-calibrating a real-time monocular 3d facial capture system - Carlos Hernandez and George Vogiatzis Poster Session 3D video and dynamic scene reconstruction Narrow Baseline GLSL Multiview Stereo - Pekka Paalanen and Joni-Kristian Kamarainen 2D-to-3D Photo Rendering for 3D Displays - Dario Comanducci, Atsuto Maki, Carlo Colombo and Roberto Cipolla Real-time Free-Viewpoint Navigation from Compressed Multi-Video Recordings - Benjamin Meyer, Christian Lipski, Bjoern Scholz and Marcus Magnor OmniTour: Semi-automatic generation of interactive virtual tours from omnidirectional video - Olivier Saurer, Friedrich Fraundorfer and Marc Pollefeys Evaluating layout discrimination capabilities of continuous and discrete automultiscopic displays - Marco Agus, Enrico Gobbetti, Jos√© A. Iglesias Guiti√°n and Fabio Marton GPU Accelerated Realtime Stereo for Augmented Reality - Mikhail Sizintsev, Sujit Kuthirummal, Supun Samarasekera, Rakesh Kumar, Harpreet Sawhney and Ali Chaudhry Multi-view geometry and calibration A global projective rectification approach for uncalibrated infrared stereo images - Benoit Ducarouge, Thierry Sentenac, Michel Devy and Florian Bugarin Robust Incremental Structure from Motion - Manfred Klopschitz, Arnold Irschara, Gerhard Reitmayr and Dieter Schmalstieg A Global 3D Curvature Estimator Applied to Non-Rigid Shape Reconstruction - Jean-Marie Favreau, Joao Fayad and Lourdes Agapito Accurate Feature Extraction and Control Point Correction for Camera Calibration with a Mono-Plane Target - Yijun Xiao, Robert Fisher Joint Estimation of Epipolar Geometry and Rectification Parameters using Point Correspondences for Stereoscopic TV Sequences - Frederik Zilly, Marcus Mueller, Peter Eisert and Peter Kauff Shape, structure and registration Range Image Registration of Specular Objects under Complex Illumination - Diego Thomas, Akihiro Sugimoto Global registration of multiple point clouds embedding the Generalized Procrustes Analysis into an ICP framework - Roberto Toldo, Alberto Beinat, Fabio Crosilla A Volumetric Approach for Merging Range Images of Semi-Rigid Objects Captured at Different Time Instances - Miao Liao,Qing Zhang, Ruigang Yang, Minglun Gong A Fast and Accurate Plane Detection Algorithm for Large Noisy Point Clouds - Jean-Emmanuel Deschaud, Fran√ßois Goulette Modeling of Tree Branches by Bayesian Network Structure Inference - Wei Ma, Yizhou Wang, Hongbin Zha, Wen Gao Diffusion symmetries of non-rigid shapes - Dan Raviv, Alex Bronstein, Michael Bronstein, Ron Kimmel, Guillermo Sapiro Thursday 20 Invited Talk - Richard Szeliski (Microsoft Research Redmond, USA) Oral Sessions Image-based rendering and modeling Dynamic 3D Scene Reconstruction in Outdoor Environments - Hansung Kim, Muhammad Sarim, Takeshi Takai, Jean-Yves Guillemaut and Adrian Hilton Efficient Depth-Compensated Interpolation for Full Parallax Displays - Daniel Jung and Reinhard Koch 3D shape retrieval and recognition Intrinsic Spin Images: A subspace decomposition approach to understanding 3D deformable shapes - Xu-Lei Wang, Yi Liu and Hongbin Zha Minimal-Redundancy Maximal-Relevance Selection of Facial Regions for 3D Face Recognition - Stefano Berretti, Alberto Del Bimbo and Pietro Pala MAC-RANSAC: a robust algorithm for the recognition of multiple objects - Julien Rabin, Yann Gousseau, Julie Delon, Lionel Moisan Comparison of Skeleton and Non-Skeleton Shape Descriptors for 3D Video - Peng Huang, Tony Tung, Shohei Nobuhara, Adrian Hilton and Takashi Matsuyama Frequency Decomposition Techniques for Increased Discriminative 3D Facial Information Capture - Clinton Fookes, Jamie Cook, Sridha Sridharan and Massimo Tistarelli Comparison of 2D/3D Features and Their Adaptive Score Level Fusion for 3D Face Recognition - Wael Bensoltana, Di HUANG, Mohsen ARDABILIAN, Liming CHEN and Chokri Ben Amar Methods and devices for 3D scanning Automatic Alignment and Multi-View Segmentation of Street View Data using 3D Shape Priors - Timo Pylvanainen, Kimmo Roimela, Ramakrishna Vedantham, Joonas Itaranta, Ruisheng Wang and Radek Grzeszczuk Linear solution for oneshot active 3D reconstruction using two projectors - Hiroshi Kawasaki, Ryo Furukawa, Ryusuke Sagawa, Yuya Ohta, Kazuhiro Sakashita, Ryota Zushi, Yasushi Yagi and Naoki Asada High-detail 3D capture of facial performance - Martin Klaudiny, Adrian Hilton and James Edge A Generic Rolling Shutter Camera Model and its Application to Dynamic Pose Estimation - Ludovic Magerand and Adrien Bartoli Poster Session 3D Photography and image-based rendering Improving the accuracy of fast dense stereo correspondence algorithms by enforcing local consistency of disparity fields - Stefano Mattoccia Planar Patch Detection for Disparity Maps - Eric Bughin, Andr√©s Almansa Bas-Relief Ambiguity Reduction in Shape from Shadowgrams - Jamil Drar√©ni, Sebastien Roy, Peter Sturm A probabilistic approach to ToF and stereo data fusion - Carlo Dal Mutto, Pietro Zanuttigh, Guido Cortelazzo Single-view Perspective Shape-from-texture with Focal Length Estimation - Toby Collins, Jean-Denis Durou, Pierre Gurdjos, Adrien Bartoli A statistical illumination-reflectance separation algorithm for the multispectral acquisition of frescoes - Anna Paviotti, Guido Cortelazzo Real-time Incremental J-Linkage for Robust Multiple Structures Estimation - Roberto Toldo, Andrea Fusiello 3D Scanning methods and devices A Heightmap Model for Efficient 3D Reconstruction from Street-Level Video - David Gallup, Jan Michael Frahm, Marc Pollefeys Stripe Propagation for Color Encoded Structured Light - Michael Burisch, David Guerrero Ichaso, Arjan Kuijper Active Triangulation in the Outdoors: A Photometric Analysis - David Ilstrup, Roberto Manduchi Urban Scene Extraction from Mobile Ground Based LiDAR Data - Joseph Lam, Michael Greenspan, Kresimir Kusevic, Paul Mrstik, Robin Harrap 3D Shape retrieval and recognition Ridge Walking for 3D Surface Segmentation - Andrew Willis, Beibei Zhou Conformal mapping-based 3D face recognition - Przemyslaw Szeptycki, Mohsen Ardabilian, Liming Chen, Wei Zeng, David Gu, Dimitris Samaras ICP Fusion Techniques for 3D Face Recognition - Robert McKeon, Patrick Flynn Medical imaging and augmented reality Indoor Localization Algorithms for a Human-Operated Backpack System - George Chen, John Kua, Stephen Shum, Nikhil Naikal, Matthew Carlberg, Avideh Zakhor Virtu4D: a Real-time Virtualization of Reality - Mourad Boufarguine, Malek Baklouti, Frederic Precioso, Vincent Guitteny Sparse Parallel Electronic Bowel Cleansing in CT Colonography - Richard Boyes, Xujiong Ye, Gareth Beddoe, Greg Slabaugh