=========================================================================== Call For Paper: IEEE International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures (AMFG2010), in conjunction with CVPR 2010 =========================================================================== IEEE International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and Gestures (AMFG2010) --- Towards Large-Scale Data from Real-World Environments Website: http://www.lv-nus.org/AMFG2010/ During the last 30 years, human-centered perceptual understanding tasks such as face/body detection/ tracking, facial characteristic analysis (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, and expression), face/gait based human identification, and from understanding simple hand gesture to complex human body language, activity and behaviour, have attracted researchers from both computational and psychological communities. To be able to build tractable models has significant scientific and practical values. For example, human-computer interaction, video indexing, visual surveillance, and Internet vision are active application areas. To that end, researchers have made substantial progress. However, significant challenges still remain. This one-day workshop (AMFG2010) will provide a focused international forum to bring together researchers and research groups to review the status of recognition, analysis and modeling of face, gesture, and body, to discuss the challenges that we are facing, and to explore future directions. A particular interest and focus of this workshop will be placed upon large-scale data from real-world environments. The workshop will consist of two to three invited talks together with peer-reviewed regular papers (oral and poster). Original high-quality papers are solicited on a wide range of topics including: Face and body language recognition in real-world environments with unknown/changing background, e.g., Internet image search, or Facebook, or crowded public spaces. Soft biometrics and profiling: age, gender, and ethnicity classification by facial and/or body descriptions. Novel mathematical modelling and algorithms, sensors and modalities for face & body gesture/action representation, analysis and recognition. Novel applications based on robust detection, tracking and recognition of face, body and action. Psychological studies that can assist in understanding computational modelling and building better automated computer vision systems. Motion analysis, tracking and extraction of face and body models from image sequences captured by a single or multiple cameras from either a fixed or mobile platform. Detection and recognition of face and body under large 3D rotation, illumination change, partial occlusion, and aging. Face, gait and action recognition in low-quality, low-resolution video from fixed or mobile cameras. Dynamics and learning for gesture, activity, and body behavior interpretation. Important Dates: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Paper Submission: Mar 10, 2010 2. Notification of Acceptance: Apr 07, 2010 3. Camera-ready Version: Apr 14, 2010 4. Workshop Date: Jun 14, 2010 Workshop Co-Chairs: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wen-Yi Zhao, Intuitive Surgical, Inc. Xiaoou Tang, Chinese University of Hong Kong Shaogang Gong, Queen Mary University of London Shuicheng Yan, National University of Singapore Program Committee: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aleix Martinez "Ohio State, USA" Cha Zhang "Microsoft, USA" Fernando De la Torre "CMU, USA" Gerard Medioni "USC, USA" Ioannis Patras "QMUL, UK" Jake Aggarwal "UT Austin, USA" Jiebo Luo "Kodak, USA" Larry Davis "Maryland, USA" Marios Savvides "CMU, USA" Matti Pietikainen " OULU, Finland" Ming-Hsuan Yang "UCM, USA" Rama Chellappa "Maryland, USA" Stan Li "NLPR, China" Tao Xiang "QMUL, UK" Vassilis Athitsos "UTA, USA" Vittorio Murino "Verona, Italy" Xiaoming Liu "GE, USA" Yun Fu "University at Buffalo (SUNY),USA" Web Co-Chair: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Qiang Chen, National University of Singapore Best Paper Award shall be given to the paper with the most potential impacts! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submission: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Submission site is open at https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/AMFG2010/ The author kit can be download at : http://www.lv-nus.org/AMFG2010/submission.html Note that the page number limit is 8 pages as for regular CVPR submission. Contact: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shuicheng Yan Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, E-Mails: eleyans@nus.edu.sg; shuicheng.yan@gmail.com; Tel: +65-6516-2116 Address: Office E4-05-11, National University of Singapore, 4 Engineering Drive 3, 117576, Singapore