===================================================================== 15th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition - CIARP'2010 November 08-11, 2010, São Paulo, Brazil http://www.ciarp.org/xv/ Contact: ciarp2010@ciarp.org 2nd Call For Papers ================================================================== CONFIRMED INVITED SPEAKERS Seth Hutchinson Professor Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering The Beckman Institute University of Illinois http://www-cvr.ai.uiuc.edu/~seth Stéphane Canu Professor Director of Laboratory LITIS France http://asi.insa-rouen.fr/enseignants/~scanu Alexandre X. Falcão Professor Doctor Institute of Computing (IC) University of Campinas (UNICAMP) http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~afalcao Matthew Turk Professor Computer Science Department University of California, Santa Barbara http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/~mturk/ ===================================================================== CIARP'2010 will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, from November 8th to 11th, 2010. This conference is supported by several scientific associations, including: Cuban Association for Pattern Recognition (acrp), International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), Mexican Association for Computer Vision, Neural Computing and Robotics (MACVNR), Portuguese Association for Pattern Recognition (APRP), Spanish Association for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (AERFAI), Special Interest Group on Pattern Recognition of the Brazilian Computer Society (SIGPR-SBC), and Chilean Association for Pattern Recognition (ChAPR). This conference will be a forum for the exchange of scientific results and experiences, as well as the sharing of new knowledge, and the increasing of the co-operation between research groups in pattern recognition and related areas. ===================================================================== São Paulo (http://www.visitesaopaulo.com/) is the most cosmopolite Brazilian city, with a broad set of opportunities for cultural life, shopping, sports, museums, natural resources and restaurants. CIARP will be held on November 08-11, 2010, Monday-Thursday, so that attendees and families may visit Brazilian turistic places the weekends before and after the conference. Examples include Río de Janeiro and Foz do Iguaçu, which are less than 1 hour flying from São Paulo. Touristic information, directions, etc. will be available soon. ===================================================================== The CIARP-IAPR Award to the best paper: We are pleased to announce that an award, consisting of a cash prize and a certificate, will be given to the author(s) of the Best Paper registered and presented at CIARP 2010. The aim of this award is to acknowledge and encourage excellence and originality of new models, methods and techniques with an outstanding theoretical contribution and practical application to the field of pattern recognition and/or data mining. The selection of the winner will be based on the wish of the author to be considered to the prize, the evaluation and recommendations from members of the Program Committee and the evaluation of the CIARP-IAPR Award Committee. This committee, carefully chosen to avoid conflicts of interest, will evaluate each nominated paper in a second review process, which will include the quality of the oral and/or poster presentation. ================================================================== TOPICS OF INTERESTS Topics include, but are not limited to: Applications of Pattern Recognition Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Pattern Recognition Bioinformatics Clustering Computer Vision Data Mining Databases, Knowledge Bases and Linguistic Tools for Pattern Recognition Discrete Geometry Document Processing and Recognition Fuzzy and Hybrid Techniques in Pattern Recognition Image Processing and Analysis Kernel Machines Logical Combinatorial Pattern Recognition Mathematical Morphology Mathematical Theory of Pattern Recognition Medical Imaging Natural Language Processing and Recognition Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition Parallel and Distributed Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition Principles Shape and Texture Analysis Signal Processing and Analysis Special Hardware Architectures Statistical Pattern Recognition Syntactical and Structural Pattern Recognition Video analysis Voice and Speech Recognition ================================================================== PAPER SUBMISSION Prospective authors are invited to contribute to the conference by electronically submitting a full paper in English of no more than 8 pages including illustrations, results and references. The accepted papers must be presented at the conference in English. All submissions will be peer reviewed for originality, technical content and relevance to the theme of this conference by members of the Program Committee. The final acceptance will be based upon double blind peer review of the full-length paper. The accepted papers will be included in the proceedings of the CIARP'2010, which will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science - LNCS. The papers should be submitted electronically through the submission option in the CIARP 2010 webpage (http://www.ciarp.org). The papers should be prepared following the instructions from Springer LNCS series. (see http://www.springer.com/sgw/cda/frontpage/0,,5-164-2-72376-0,00.html) Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and to present the communication at the conference, if it is accepted. ================================================================== IMPORTANT DATES Submission deadline: June 7th 2010 Notification of acceptance: July 10th 2010 Camera ready: August 1st 2010 Conference: November 08-11, 2010 ================================================================== COMMITTEES * General Co-Chairs: Isabelle Bloch ----- Telecom ParisTech - CNRS LTCI - Paris, France Roberto M. Cesar-Jr. ----- University of São Paulo - USP - São Paulo, Brazil * Organizing Committee Carlos Hitoshi Morimoto, USP - Brazil David Correa Martins Jr., UFABC - Brazil João Eduardo Ferreira, USP - Brazil Nina Tomita Hirata, USP - Brasil Roberto Hirata Jr., USP - Brazil Ronaldo Hashimoto, USP - Brazil Yossi Zana , UFABC - Brazil * Auxiliary Committee Ana Beatriz V. Graciano, USP - Brazil Charles Iury, USP - Brazil Evaldo A de Oliveira, USP - Brazil Fabrício Martins Lopes, USP - Brazil Giseli Ramos, USP - Brazil Jesus Mena-Chalco, USP - Brazil Jorge J. G. Leandro, USP - Brazil Marcelo Hashimoto, USP - Brazil Silvia C. D. Pinto, USP - Brazil Thiago T. Santos, USP - Brazil Vitor Hugo Louzada, USP - Brazil * Steering Committee. Alberto Sanfeliu, AERFAI Espana Alvaro Pardo, APRU Uruguay Cesar Beltran-Castanon, PAPR Peru Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano, MACVNR Mexico César Enrique San Martín Salas, UDEC Chile Helder Araujo, APRP Portugal Hemerson Pistori, SIGPR-SBC Brazil Jose Ruiz-Shulcloper, ACRP Cuba Marta Mejail, SARP Argentina * Program Committee Akihiro Sugimoto (National Institute of Informatics-Japan) Akira Asano (Hiroshima University-Japan) Alejandro Cesar Frery Orgambide (UFAL-Brazil) Alessandro Koerich (PUCPR-Brazil) Allan Hanbury (Information Retrieval Facility-Austria) Alvaro Pardo (UCU-Uruguay) Ana María Martínez Enríquez (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP-Brazil) André Gagalowicz (INRIA-France) André Ponce Leon (USP-Brazil) Andrea Torsello (UNIVE-Italy) Andreas Dengel (DFKI-Germany) Andrew Bagdanov (UAB-Spain) Angélica Muñoz Meléndez (INAOE-Mexico) Anna Reali (USP-Brazil) Antoni Grau (UPC-Spain) Armando Pinho (UA-Portugal) Arturo Diaz Pérez (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Arun Ross (West Virginia University-USA) Atsushi Imiya (Chiba University-Japan) Aurelio Lopez (INAOE-Mexico) Aurora Pons-Porrata (CERPAMID-Cuba) Beatriz Sousa Santos (UA-Portugal) Berarnardino Castillo Toledo (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Biqin Song (Hubei University-China) Boris Escalante Ramírez (UNAM-Mexico) Carlo Sansone (UNINA-Italy) Carlos Alberto Reyes Garcia (INAOE-Mexico) Cesar Beltran Castanon (UCSM-Peru) César Enrique San Martín Salas (UFRO-Chile) Claudio Castellanos Sánchez (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Claudio M. Debat (UdelaR-Uruguay) Claudio R. Jung (UFRGS-Brazil) Da-Chuan Cheng (CMU-China) David Menotti (UFOP-Brazil) Dibio Borges (UnB-Brazil) Eduardo Bayro Corrochano (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Elsa Moschetti (UNRC-Argentina) Fátima Sombra (UFC-Brazil) Florence Tupin (Telecom ParisTech-France) Francesc Ferri (UV-Spain) Francisco Escolano (University of Alicante-Spain) Gerard Chollet (Telecom ParisTech-France) Gernot Fink (TU Dortmund-Germany) Gunilla Borgefors (University of Uppsala-Sweden) Gutemberg Guerra Filho (University of Texas at Arlington-USA) Hans du Buf (UALG-Portugal) Héctor Allende (UTFSM-Chile) Heinrich Niemann (Erlangen-Nürnberg University-Germany) Hélio Pedrini (UNICAMP-Brazil) Hemerson Pistori (UCDB-Brazil Herman Gomes (UFCG-Brazil) Huiyu Zhou (QUB-UK) Humberto Sossa Azuela (IPN-Mexico) Ismael López Juárez (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Jacques Facon (PUCPR-Brazil) Javier Hernando (UPC-Spain) Jesús A. González Bernal (INAOE-Mexico) Jingen Liu (University of Michigan-USA) João Marques (UFCG-Brazil) João Miguel Raposo Sanches (UTL-Portugal) João Paulo Papa (UNESP-Brazil) Joceli Mayer (UFSC-Brazil) Jordi Gonzàlez (UAB-Spain) Jorge Rivera-Rovelo (Universidad Anahuac Mayab-Mexico) José Fco. Martínez-Trinidad (INAOE-Mexico) José-Miguel Banedí (UPV-Spain) José Refugio Vallejo (University of Guanajuato-Mexico) Jose Salvador Sanchez (Universitat Jaume I-Spain) Josef Bigun (Halmstad University-Sweden) Josep Llados (UAB & CVC - Spain) Juan Valentín Lorenzo Ginori (UCLV-Cuba) Juliana Gambini (UNGS-Argentina) Jun Zhang (Waseda University-Japan) Karina Gibert (UPC-Spain) Karl Tombre (INRIA-France) Karmele Lopez de Ipiña (EHU-Spain) Klaus Tönnies (Magdeburg University-Germany) Laurent Heutte (Université de Rouen-France) Leopoldo Altamirano (INAOE-Mexico) Lev Goldfarb (IIS-Canada) Liangpei Zhang (Wuhan University-China) Luc Brun (GREYC-France) Luciano Silva (UFPR-Brazil) Luciano Vieira Dutra (INPE-Brazil) Luis Eduardo Falcon (Tecnologico de Monterrey-Mexico) Luis Enrique Sucar (INAOE-Mexico) Luis Gerardo de la Fraga (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Luz Abril Torres-Méndez (CINVESTAV-Mexico) M. Inés Torres (Universidad del País Vasco-Spain) Manuel Graña Romay (Universidad del País Vasco-Spain) Manuel Montes-y-Gómez (INAOE-Mexico) Marcel Brun (UNMdP-Argentina) Maria Frucci (Istituto di Cibernetica "E.Caianiello"-Italy) Maria Petrou (CERTH-Greece) Mario Castelán (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Mario Vento (UNISA-Italy) Marta Mejail (UBA-Argentina) Martin Kampel (TUWIEN-Austria) Max A. Viergever (UU-Netherlands) Meijuan Yang (CAS-China) Michal Haindi (UTIA-Czech Republic) Michel Westenberg (Eindhoven University of Technology-Netherlands) Miguel Arias Estrada (INAOE-Mexico) Miguel Moctezuma (UNAM-Mexico) Nahum Kiryati (Tel Aviv University-Israel) Nancy Arana (CINVESTAV-Mexico) Nelson Mascarenhas (UFSCAR-Brazil) Neucimar Leite (UNICAMP-Brazil) Nicolas Rougon (Telecom SudParis-France) Odemir Bruno (USP-Brazil) Olga Bellon (UFPR-Brazil) Pedro Pina (IST-Portugal) Peter Sturm (INRIA-France) Petia I. Radeva (UAB & CVC-Spain) Petra Perner (IBAI-Germany) Pingkun Yan (Philips Research North America-USA) Pranab Mohanty (Aware-USA) Qieshi Zhang (Waseda University-Japan) Reinhard Klette (University of Auckland-New Zealand) Ricardo Torres (UNICAMP-Brazil) Robert Sablatnig (Institute of Computer Aided Automation-Austria) Robert Sabourin (ETSMTL-Canada) Roberto Rodriguez (ICIMAF-Cuba) Sang-Woon Kim (Myongji University-South Korea) Sergio Cano (UO-Cuba) Shengrui Wang (Université de Sherbrooke-Canada) Soraia Musse (PUCRS-Brazil) Susana Ferrero (UNRC-Argentina) Tadamasa Sawada (Purdue University-USA) Teófilo de Campos (University of Surrey-UK) Tin Kam Ho (Bell Labs-USA) Ulisses Braga-Neto (Texas A&M University-USA) Vasileios Zografos (Linköping University-Sweden) Ventzeslav Valev (IMI-Bulgaria) Vitaly Kober (CICESE-Mexico) Vittorio Murino (IIT-Italy) Volodymyr Ponomaryov (IPN-Mexico) Walter Kosters (LIACS-Netherlands) Witold Pedrycz (University of Alberta-Canada) Xianbin Cao (BUAA-China) Xiaoqiang Lu (CAS-China) Xiaoyi Jiang (Universität Münster-Germany) Xiumei Wang (Xidian University-China) Xuelong Li (University of London-UK) Yi Tang (CAS-China) Yung-Kuan Chan (NCHU-Taiwan) Zoltan Kato (University of Szeged-Hungary) Zongyi Liu (Amazon-USA)