I do not have yet have a bid for CVPR 2013. Given that our community has grown significantly it is important that we have a well thought out bid. So, I have charged the PAMI TC Conference Committee to put together a bidding team for CVPR 2013. The committee was composed, as per PAMI-TC by laws, from past CVPR and ICCV general and program chairs. The members are: Larry Davis, Gerard Medioni, Dan Huttenlocher, Ramin Zabih, Baba Vemuri, Jitendra Malik. PAMI-TC chair and vice-chair serve as ex-officio members. This time, bids from the floor would be allowed, just to keep the tradition, however, we will have a motion to disallow it for future bids. Last minute put together bids do not do justice to the logistics involved in organizing large conferences. The tentative agenda for the meeting next week is below. If you would like any additions to the agenda, please drop me an email. PAMI TC 2010 Meeting. June 16, 2010, lunch hrs. Lunch will be provided. Approval of Agenda (5 min) Introduction of new PAMI-TC Officers (5 min) Report from CVPR 2010 (5 min) Upcoming conferences (CVPR 2011, ICCV 2011, FGR 2011, WACV 2011, AIPR 2010) (5 min) PAMI-TC Budget (10 min) Update on T-PAMI (5 min) Motion for future conference bidding process (10 min) Bids for CVPR 2013 (30 min) ----------- Sudeep Sarkar PAMI-TC Chair http://www.cse.USF.edu/~sarkar/