ECCV'10 Area Chair Computer Vision Colloquium 2010-06-07, Paris, France Web : ECCV'10 Area Chair Computer Vision Colloquium Sponsors: Ecole Centrale de Paris / INRIA Saclay, Ile-de-France / Ecole de Ponts (ENPC) *** 7th June, Ecole Normale Superieure , Paris *** registration is free but mandatory *** Program: *** Session I: New Frontiers *** 8:40 Advances in Computational Photography - Ramesh Raskar, MIT 9:05 Visipedia: grand plan and first baby steps - Pietro Perona, Caltech 9:30 Advance Imaging and Visualization for Computer Assisted Interventions - Nassir Navab, TUM 9:55 Coffee Break *** Session II: Recognition *** 10:05 Advances in video recognition - Cordelia Schmid, INRIA-LEAR 10:30 Modelling deformable 3d object classes - Andrew Fitzgibbon, Microsoft Cambridge 10:55 Coffee Break *** Session III: Learning *** 11:05 Random Forest: On-line, Semi-supervised and MIL- Horst Bischof, TU-Gratz 11:30 Structured Prediction Cascades - Ben Taskar, UPenn 11:55 Robust Long-Term Tracking and Detection by Semi-supervised P-N Learning - Jiri Matas, Czech Technical University, Prague Lunch Break *** Session IV: Motion & Pose *** 13:30 A signal analysis of real-time motion processing - Cornelia Fermuller, University of Maryland 13:55 Toward calibration-free gaze estimation - Yoichi Sato, University of Tokyo 14:20 Coffee Break *** Session V: 3D Modelling *** 14:30 Metric geometry in action: Non-rigid shape acquisition, processing, and analysis - Ron Kimmel, Technion 14:55 Dense Non-rigid Surface Registration Using High-Order Graph Matching - Dimitris Samaras, SUNY Stony Brook 15:20 Free-form surface tracking - Edmond Boyer, INRIA Grenoble 15:55 Coffee Break *** Session VI: Optimization *** 16:05 Generalizing roof duality for higher-order cliques - Vladimir Kolmogorov, University College London 16:30 Parallel and Distributed Vision Algorithms Using Dual Decomposition - Fredrik Kahl, Lund Institute of Technology 16:55 Discriminative Clustering for Image Co-segmentation - Francis Bach, Ecole Normale Superieure 17:20 Associative Hierarchical Networks for Scene Understanding: combining recognition and 3D structure recovery - Philip Torr, Oxford Brookes University Organization: Iasonas Kokkinos. Please address all queries to