Title: ICEBT, International Conference and Exhibition on Biometric Technology Dates: 2 - 4 September 2010 Venue: PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India Paper deadline: 2 June 2010 Website: http://psgim.ac.in/icebt/coimbatore.html Call for Papers: The field of Biometrics is experiencing rapid developments in recent times due to two main factors; first, the revolution in Information Technology which demands secure access and secure information exchange and second, the frequent outbreak of terror attacks which has raised the need for accurate and reliable identification of individuals. The pace at which new biometric identifiers are discovered and more and more infallible biometric systems are being invented stands evidence for the intense research being carried out in Biometrics. Through this conference we would like to bring together researchers in Biometric Technologies and provide them a forum to publish their ideas. The conference would also provide an opportunity for knowledge sharing on the latest trends in Biometrics. In order to innovate, a researcher has to be familiar with available technology. The exhibition would showcase the latest Biometric products to the researchers as well as the end users. (1) Basic Research a. Physiological Biometrics b. Behavioral Biometrics c. Biometric Image Processing d. Latest Biometric Technologies e. Comparison of Biometric Technologies (2) Systems and Analysis a. Multimodal Systems b. Biometric Encryption Systems c. Biometric Authentication in Networking d. Biometric Recognition and identification Systems e. Survey of Biometric Recognition Methods (3) Ethics and Usage a. Ethical Challenges b. Deployment of Biometric Systems for usage in - i. Healthcare Industry - ii. Law Enforcement - iii. Financial Sector - iv. Security c. Database Creation and Management d. Theoretical Limitations e. Future and Issues of Biometrics