============== ISAST 2010 | Call for Papers =============== CALL FOR PAPERS, TUTORIALS, PANELS ISAST 2010: ISAST Conference on Advanced Science and Technology 2010 (ISAST 2010) 15-17th of Septemeber, 2010, Budapest, Hungary http://isastorganization.org/ISAST2010 Sponsored by ISAST For more information about the conference, and submission instructions, please visit: http://isastorganization.org/ISAST2010. Extended versions of the selected papers will be published in ISAST Transactions: http://isastorganization.org/ ISAST2010 will feature world-class plenary, keynote, and distinguished speakers, as well as technical presentations and workshops. Special Keynote speakers are: Prof. Ephraim Suhir, IEEE Fellow, University of California, Santa Cruz, University of Maryland, USA Prof. Jonathan Blackledge, University of Cambridge and Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland Prof. Boris Stilman, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Denver, USA and the Chairman & CEO of STILMAN Advanced Strategies, LLC. Topics of interest for ISAST2010 include, but are not limited to: - ISAST Conference on Computers and Intelligent Systems: Adaptive Informatics, Autonomous Agents, Bayesian Networks, Bioinformatics, Cognitive Modelling, Connectionist Models, Data Mining, Evolutionary Computing, Feature Extraction Fuzzy Logic, Intelligent User Interfaces, Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Representation Logic Programming, Modelling and Simulation, Natural Language, Neural Networks Nonparametric Learning, Pattern Recognition, Planning/Scheduling, Problem Solving/Search Robotics and Vision, Statistical Learning, Theory, Practice, and Interdisciplinary Aspects of System Science and Engineering, Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, Emerging Technologies Accessibility and Computing, Algorithms and Computation Theory, Applied Computing, Core and Enabling Technologies, Components and Systems, Computer Architectures, Computer-Human Interaction, Design Automation, E-Commerce, Embedded Systems, Management Information Systems, Multimedia, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Security and Privacy, Software, Theory and Applications for Computer Science and Software Engineering - ISAST Conference on Communications and Networking: Data Security, Enterprise Networks, Information Theory, Internet, Mobile Communications, Mobile Computing, Multimedia Communications, Network Architectures, Network Implementations, Network Layouts, Optical Communications, Personal Communications, Network Protocols, Radio Frequency Broadcasting, Satellite Systems, Switched Networks, Theory of Terminals, Computers, and Information Processors, Applications: video, voice, multimedia, Wireless Communications, Emerging Technologies - ISAST Conference on Electronics and Signal Processing Analog Devices and Techniques, Applications, Audio Signal Processing, Circuit Theory, Coding Communications, Computer Aided Design, Design of Electronical Devices, Detection, Digital Devices and Techniques, Displays, Estimation Theory of Signals, Filtering, Geophysical Signal Processing, High Frequency Devices, Image Processing, Imaging Devices, Industrial and Manufacturing Processes, Integration of the Systems, Ion Devices, Medical Signal Processing Micromechanics, Navigation, Photovoltaics, Radar, Robotics and Automation, Semiconductors Signal Recognition, Signal Reproduction, Solid-State Power Devices, Solid-State Sensors and Actuatiors, Sonar, Speech Processing, Optics and Optical Devices, Quantum Effect Devices Testing and Analysis of the Electronic Devices, Theory of Electronics, Theory of Signal Processing Transmitting Signals, Tubes and Other Vacuum Devices, Emerging Technologies The paper submission must be done by emailing the manuscript to the address: editor@isastorganization.org. More information about the submission at the address: http://isastorganization.org/authors2010.html Important deadlines: Abstract submission deadline: May 31st, 2010 Notification of acceptance: June 30th, 2010 Camera ready version deadline: August 1st, 2010 Author registration deadline: August 1st, 2010 We look forward to seeing you at the ISAST's multi conference! Regards, The ISAST 2010 Program Committee http://isastorganization.org/