6th International Seminar on Medical Image Processing and Analysis SIPAIM 2010 The 6th International Seminar on Medical Image Processing and Analysis will be held December 1-4, 2010, in the city of Bogota (Colombia). As in previous editions, this seminar is the appropriate space to bring together researchers (both students and professionals - mainly related to Medical Imaging) to communicate their results, developments and research experience and to promote the creation of technical and scientific collaboration networks. This event is intended for researchers, teachers, students and professionals in a wide range of disciplines including Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology and Health Sciences. The seminar will include lectures by both National and international experts on issues related to acquisition, digitization, visualization, processing and analysis of Medical Images. Contributions will be presented in oral or poster sessions. In addition, tutorials related to the topic of the seminar will be offered to the attendants. This edition of the seminar is thought to enhance interaction between researchers (as new knowledge producers) and medical professionals (as end-users of such knowledge) through a special session focused on the presentation of research experiences and clini ssion will be held on the seminar's first day. This seminar will address topics related to: * Image Acquisition * Image Generation and Reconstruction * Image Processing and Analysis * Segmentation and Classification * Compression and Restoration * Visualization and Interaction * Diagnosis and Computer-Aided Detection * Statistical and Computational Models * Information Systems for Image Management * Storage, Transmission and Retrieval of images * Multiscale / Multiresolution Representations * Pattern Recognition and Perception * Image registration * Navigation Systems, Monitoring and Calibration * Models for Detection, Discrimination, and Information Retrieval in images * Clinical Applications and Technology Integration Online registration is now open. See registration fees and payment instructions here. http://www.sipaim.unal.edu.co:81/sipaim/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16&Itemid=16&lang=en To register click here. http://www.sipaim.unal.edu.co:81/sipaim/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=22&Itemid=23&lang=en We look forward to your attendance. http://www.sipaim.unal.edu.co, sipaim_fmbog@unal.edu.co