Call for Chapters Book Title : TV Content Analysis: Techniques and Applications Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor Francis LLC Introduction TV content is currently available through various communication channels and devices, e.g., digital TV, mobile TV or Internet TV, still being an important part of our daily life. However, with the increase of TV content volume, both its management and consuming becomes more and more challenging. On one side, the content provider needs to manage various aspects of TV content life-cycle, e.g., storing, classifying, recommending, etc. On the other side, consumers expect to select the corresponding program according to their personal interests from the high number of channels or time slices available. Both cases require the means to analyze TV programs automatically and then provide recommendations to content managers or consumers. During the past decade, TV program analysis techniques have attracted significant interest in various topics, e.g., video temporal segmentation, news story segmentation, advertisement detection, sport classification, etc., and these techniques have been used for content classification, recommendation, and indexing, etc. Till now, few books have focused on the analysis of TV programs and the corresponding applications. The proposed book aims to give a thorough description of the most recent TV program analysis techniques, which will consist of the systems, architectures, algorithms, applications, latest research results, new emerging approaches and open issues. The proposed book will be a collection of high-quality chapters contributed by leading experts in the related fields. It will embrace a wide variety of aspects of the related subject areas and provide a scientifically and scholarly sound treatment of state-of-the-art techniques to students, researchers, academics, personnel of law enforcement and IT practitioners who are interested or involved in the study, research, use, design and development of techniques related to TV program analysis. Tentative topics The book will cover the basic theories, architectures, algorithms and applications of TV content analysis. Possible topics are listed as follows: * Program segmentation * Program structure analysis * High-level concept detection * TV channel macro segmentation (with/without aid of Electronic Program Guide) * TV content and Web-Web 2.0 content linking * (Near) Duplicated content detection * Advertisement detection * Text detection from video sequence * Object detection * Cast automatic detection * Program type classification (News, Sports, Interview, Ad, etc.) * Content restriction-level detection (terror, sexy, etc.) * Nonlinear browsing of TV content * Personalized TV content recommendation * Adaptive Ad recommendation * TV program database management * TV program indexing and retrieval * TV program accessing and browsing * Adding interactivity to TV content * TV content repurposing * CCTV analysis and processing * Analysis and applications of Mobile TV, IPTV, Internet TV * Security and privacy issues of TV content * Conditional access and copyright protection of TV content Review of chapters All chapters will be rigorously reviewed based on the quality: originality, relevance, organization, clarity of writing, support provided for assertions and conclusion, and attractiveness to readers. Instructions for chapter contribution: Manuscript length limit: at least 18 pages (formatted) Format: Word processor or LaTex Abstract: no more than 400 words Chapter proposal submission: Interested contributors are expected to submit a 2-page chapter proposal to the editors (by email). The chapter proposal should contain the following items: * Title of chapter * Authors (names, affiliations, contacts) of chapter * Abstract of chapter * Tentative content list Time Schedule: Chapter proposal due: September 15, 2010 Chapter proposal acceptance: September 25, 2010 Full chapter due: December 15, 2010 Full chapter acceptance: February 28, 2011 Revised chapter due: March 30, 2011 Book publication: Mid 2011 Editors of "TV Content Analysis" , France Dr. Yiannis Kompatsiaris Prof. Bernard Merialdo Dr. Shiguo Lian Informatics and Telematics Institute Multimedia Communications France Telecom R&D (Orange Labs) Beijing Centre for Research and Technology Hellas EURECOM 2 Science Institute South Rd, Haidian District Thessaloniki, Greece Sophia Antipolis, France Beijing, 100080, China E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: