==== Workshop on Visual Content Identification and Search (VCIDS’10) Singapore, July 23, 2010, in conjunction with ICME 2010 http://www.vcids2010.info Sponsored by Multimedia Computing Technical Committee of IEEE Computer Society CALL FOR PAPERS Research and development in visual content identification and search have reached a watershed that large-scale commercial applications start to emerge. In the last few years, major Hollywood movie studios and TV networks have adopted video fingerprinting and content identification technologies to track and manage their content at the Internet scale. In the meantime, major Internet search engines such as Google and Microsoft Bing have added content-based visual similarity search to supplement traditional keyword-based queries. While the wave of commercialization is underway, many technical challenges remain and significant progress is made continuously in research and development. It is recognized that despite unique requirements for diverse applications, visual content identification and search, specifically for image and video content, share some fundamental technologies such as visual features and descriptors, and indexing and search techniques and strategies. This Workshop focuses on algorithms, systems, applications and standards for visual content identification and search. It aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in both industry and academia to discuss the latest advances and exchange views and ideas in related technologies and applications. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to 1. Visual Content Identification and Search Algorithms and Techniques * Visual features and descriptors for image and video content * Indexing, matching, and search in large database * Content clustering and classification by visual similarity * Machine learning and data mining for visual content discovery * Modeling and evaluation of content-based identification and search 2. Visual Content Identification and Search Systems and Standards * Visual content identification (copy/duplicate/near-duplicate detection) systems * Visual search engines * Visual search in mobile devices * Emerging standards related to visual content ID and search 3. Applications of Visual Content Identification and Search * Content filtering, tracking, and protection * Content recommendation and contextual ad targeting * Content-based ID in media asset management * Visual content search in online shopping * Landmark identification and augmented reality The Workshop will contain both invited presentations and those accepted from open submissions. Additionally, the Workshop will feature a keynote and a panel discussion by leading researchers and industry experts. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit full-length papers following the same guidelines and requirements for the regular ICME papers by the deadline below. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and must contain original, previously unpublished research or engineering work. Important Dates: Paper submission deadline: March 1, 2010 Notification of Acceptance: April 1, 2010 Final camera-ready paper due: April 15, 2010 Workshop Co-Chairs: Jian Lu Vobile, Inc. jian@computer.org Xian-Sheng Hua Microsoft Research Asia xshua@microsoft.com Dong Xu Nanyang Technological University dongxu@ntu.edu.sg