Call for Proposals on Visual Scene Interpretation Johns Hopkins University again plans to host a 6-week NSF-supported Summer Research Workshop. This year one of the workshop topics is: * VISUAL SCENE INTERPRETATION: New strategies are needed to parse visual scenes or generic (novel) objects, analyzing an image as a set of spatially related components. Such strategies may integrate global top-down knowledge of scene structure (e.g., generative models) with the kind of rich bottom-up, learned image features that have recently become popular for object detection. They will support both learning and efficient search for the best analysis. I am writing because I hope that you will seriously consider LEADING a workshop team in Summer 2010. This is a great opportunity to collaborate intensively with researchers from other institutions, using our resources to make YOUR research breakthroughs. Just send us a 1-page proposal (by Nov. 18) for how your team would spend 6 weeks. Proposals should be submitted via e-mail to by 4PM EST on Wed, November 18, 2009. For details and next steps, see the CFP below or visith . If there are other researchers at your institution whom you would recommend to us for leading such a research effort, please help us by urging them to submit a research proposal. Sincerely, Rene Vidal, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Johns Hopkins University