VS2010 This year The Tenth International Workshop on Visual Surveillance (VS2010) will be held in conjunction with ACCV2010 in Queenstown, NZ on Monday November 8th 2010. Call for Papers Since the first such event in 1998, the series of VS workshops has been established as an important forum to discuss computer vision techniques for visual surveillance. Research into intelligent visual surveillance technologies has become one of the core problem areas of the computer vision research community. The field enjoys well-funded national and international funding programmes and boasts a plethora of start-up companies offering a wide range of intelligent CCTV products. Yet, despite the apparent success, the core problems remain as complex and varied as any in computer vision. The deployment of truly intelligent and robust surveillance systems faces a number of specific challenges including the segmentation and tracking of individuals in crowded scenes; extracting body pose; characterization of threats; reduction in false alarm rates; automatic learning of human-oriented scene structure; and the semantic linkage between networks of cameras and other sensors. To address these challenges, contributions are particularly welcome in the following areas: * Multi-camera/sensor calibration * Object recognition and tracking * Analysis of behaviour analysis and recognition * Advanced techniques for retrieval of surveillance data * Event and activity modelling * Background and environment modelling * Detection of anomalies * Methods using weak supervision to learn environmental conditions * Analysis of groups and crowds * Automatic control of PTZ networks using video analysis * Image-based sensor networks Important Dates Submission of full papers Friday, July 30th 2010 Notification to authors Friday, September 17th 2010 Submission of Camera Ready Friday, October 1st 2010