THIRTY-SEVENTH ANNUAL INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE Breckenridge, Colorado January 29 to February 3, 2012 Organizer: George Sperling, University of California, Irvine CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT After 25 consecutive years of AIC meetings at The Inn in Teton Village, Jackson, WY, The Inn has been sold and the conference has been forced to move. AIC-37, 2012, will meet in Breckenridge, Colorado, Jan 29 to Feb 3, 2012. Breckenridge is a spectacular mountain, as large as Jackson, less than two hours drive from Denver International Airport. The new conference venue, The Village in Breckenridge, has excellent conference facilities, is a ski-in ski-out facility, and is just a 5 min walk from the shops and restaurants on historic Main Street. Map of Breckenridge Hotel web page Lodging details for participants As in the previous 36 meetings, the conference will cover a wide range of subjects in what has come to be called cognitive science, ranging from visual and auditory physiology and psychophysics to human information processing, cognition, learning and memory, to computational approaches to these problems including neural networks, artificial intelligence and, most recently, brain imaging. The aim is to provide overview talks that are comprehensible and interesting to a wide scientific audience -- such as one might fantasize would occur (but seldom do) at meetings of a National or Royal Academy of Science. The Conference begins with a reception on Sunday evening, January 29, at 5:30p followed by a half-session from 6:00-8:00p. Regular sessions meet from Monday through Friday at 4:00p to 8:00p; the rest of the day is free. After the last session on Friday, there is a banquet for participants and their guests. Paper submissions are hereby invited. Despite rumors that participation is by invitation (perhaps because of the high quality of the talks), the only way to give a presentation is to (1) email a title and abstract to the AIC conference organizer ( on or before Monday, September 26, 2011 and (2) to complete the registration form at the AIC website and send it with a check for the registration fee to AIC, c/o Prof. George Sperling Department of Cognitive Sciences, SSPA-3 University of California Irvine, CA 92697-5100 At AIC-37, 2012, special sessions are being organized by Bill Geisler (vision physiology) and Zygmunt Pizlo (higher-level vision). If your proposed contribution falls within these areas, also send a copy to the session organizer: Conference registration ($175, $199 after Jan 1, 2012, $75 for students) includes daily snacks and refreshments, and the closing banquet, and is payable by check (no credit cards) to "Annual Interdisciplinary Conference" mailed to the address above. Applicants will be notified on or before Friday, October 14, 2011 of the acceptance of proposed presentations. Registration fees for speakers are nonrefundable after October 14, but are refundable at any time for non-speaking participants. The Breckenridge accommodations are condominiums with fully equipped kitchenettes. "The Village at Breckenridge" has an indoor swimming pool, an exercise room, multiple indoor and outdoor hot tubs, an ice rink, heated underground parking, and many other amenities. All condos have wireless internet and HD television. See the AIC web page for details. Unlike previous years, the Conference has not reserved a specific number of rooms, rather, rooms are available on a first come basis. Participants make their own reservations at the group rate contingent on the space available. As of this writing, space is available for all classes of reservation but participants are advised to make reservations ASAP because the most popular classes of condos are likely to be sold out. The 36 previous programs, photos, and hotel information are published on the AIC website; the 2012 program will be posted as it becomes available. Other hotels, restaurants, ski rental facilities, shops of all kinds, and cross-country ski trails are all within walking distance. There are flights to Denver International Airport from most major US cities. Colorado Mountain Express offers hourly shuttle service to Breckenridge. Alternatively, Breckenridge is a 103 mi drive from Denver International AP, the first 93 miles are on freeways without a traffic light. Additional information about the conference, travel, and skiing opportunities, is available at the AIC website. George Sperling