Call for Papers: Applications of Multimedia Mining This special issue in the journal Advances in Multimedia wants to highlight cutting-edge research in the challenging area of identifying patterns, extracting, and using information or knowledge from multimedia. This may involve indexing, summarizing, searching, browsing, and finding relevant digital multimedia documents comprising images, video, audio, speech, music, sketches, technical drawings, figures from scientific articles, and multimodal combinations. For the purposes of this special issue, particularly interesting application areas are education, science, cultural heritage, patents, industrial workplace, lifelong multimedia logs, and social networking, but other application areas where analysing or mining multimedia is relevant are also welcome. We invite researchers to submit original research as well as review articles. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: - Analysis, indexing, search, and retrieval of multimedia - Content and context-based multimedia retrieval - Media capture and mining in mobile environments - Social media-supported mining - Mining in distributed P2P or cloud-based collections - Scalable multimedia mining and retrieval - High-dimensional indexing - Intelligent multimedia-based decision support systems - Intelligent summary, reuse, or remixing of multimedia content - Specialised mining: scientific, biomedical, geographic, patent, life logs, surveillance, and forensic Before submission authors should carefully read over the journal's Author Guidelines, which are located at Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking System at according to the following timetable: Friday, 13 April 2012 Manuscript Due Friday, 6 July 2012 First Round of Reviews Friday, 31 August 2012 Publication Date Lead Guest Editor - Stefan Rueger, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK Guest Editors - Shyamala Doraisamy, Department of Multimedia, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia - Alexander Hauptmann, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, USA - Suzanne Little, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK - Joao Magalhaes, Department of Computer Science, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal Call webpage: