From 16-21 July 2012 The Second International Summer School on Biomedical Image Analysis will be held in Shenyang, China. See: The focus of this Summer School is the development of sophisticated algorithms for computer-aided diagnosis (CAD), inspired by models of human visual perception. The well-organized and efficient functional mechanisms discovered in the visual cortical columns is modeled as a geometry inference engine, doing high order differential geometry, hierarchical and contextual operations, adaptive enhancement, etc. This one-week intense Summer School will take the approach of a homogeneous set of lectures and hands-on exercises in a Master Class. Special attention will be placed on: - quantitative analysis of medical imaging data, with differential geometric methods, - computer-aided diagnosis for large-scale screening programs, such as breast cancer and colon polyp detection, - robust multi-scale (hierarchical) and multi-orientation (contextual) image analysis, biologically motivated, - ophthalmologic image analysis for diabetes detection in screening, - innovative algorithms to unravel brain connectivity from diffusion weighted MRI (DTI/HARDI). Main speaker is Professor Bart M. ter Haar Romeny, Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands) / Northeastern University Shenyang (China). Professor ter Haar Romeny is a gifted speaker and inspired educator, who is able to explain clearly complex concepts and ideas, and has been invited speaker in a large number of international conferences, workshops, tutorials and summer-schools. He is author of the book ‘Front-end vision and multi-scale computer vision theory’. The course is aimed at PhD, postdoc and staff level, with experience in modern computer vision techniques. Registration is free of charge. Website with all information and registration: We would appreciate if you could distribute this announcement to your staff and students. Shenyang: Shenyang, biggest city in Northeast China, is base of the largest Medical Imaging industry in China, Neusoft Medical Systems, now over 20.000 employees. Neusoft has a joint venture with the Dutch company Philips Healthcare (Eindhoven, NL), ranking in the world’s top 3 medical imaging companies. Shenyang also is the home of one of China’s largest eye care industries, He Shi Eye Care System, with He University, a dedicated university to ophthalmology with 2000 students, and an industrial ophthalmology base of 20.000 employees, and 7 connected eye hospitals. Northeastern University (NEU), with 50.000 students, is one of the high-ranking universities in China, and has set up a new focus area dedicated to Life Sciences and Healthcare. A new campus extension will host new laboratories in this scientific area, and gives ample opportunities for career development. =============================================================================== Best wishes, Bart ter Haar Romeny