IEEE Change Detection Workshop CVPR 2012 We prepared a large Change Detection dataset that consists of +90,000 pixel-accurate labeled frames of 31 real-world videos (color and thermal IR) spanning 6 motion categories representing diverse challenges. We invite you to test your algorithms and submit results to the IEEE Change Detection 2012 workshop: Key dates: * Apr 15: submission of short paper (max. 4 pages) describing methodology/results * Apr 22: notification of acceptance * May 03: submission of final camera-ready paper (max. 8 pages) * Jun 17: workshop at CVPR 2012 Accepted papers will be published in the CVPR Workshop Proceedings and will be available in IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Results from *all* submissions that meet certain minimum standards will be reported on the workshop website and in an overview paper associated with the workshop that summarizes the current state-of-the-art in methods and results. The dataset is representative of indoor and outdoor videos captured today in surveillance and smart-environment scenarios. The dataset includes a comprehensive set of carefully human-annotated ground truth moving/changed areas to enable a precise quantitative comparison and ranking of various algorithms. Source code is also provided on the website to compute various performance metrics. We aim to provide means for rigorous testing and ranking of existing and new algorithms for motion and change detection. The dataset will be regularly expanded and the challenge website will continue to update and maintain ranking of methods for years to come. Organizers: * Pierre-Marc Jodoin (Université de Sherbrooke), * Fatih Porikli (MERL), * Janusz Konrad (Boston University), * Prakash Ishwar (Boston University),