CfP Special Session on High Performance Computing in Computer Vision Applications (HPC-CVA) - IPTA 2012 October 15-18, 2012 Instabul, Turkey Overview ======== With the growth of Internet and the advances in computer power, computer vision techniques are developing at impressive rates. Although most of the existing approaches are mainly focused at achieving high accuracy, efficiency is still a major concern of the whole machine vision community. The development of efficient techniques that perform either on-the-fly or in real-time in almost all the fields of computer vision from image formation to image coding to image analysis to multimedia processing makes the design/adoption of high performance solutions a pressing demand. Moreover, the application of high performance computing (HPC) to computer vision field is straightforward, due to the inherent parallelism of images, as demonstrated by the fact that computer vision has been one of the most common areas of HPC application. The main limit to the development of HPC applications to image process- ing/computer vision has been the lack of an acknowledged market. With the development of emerging technologies such as GPU and multicore CPUs, this is rapidly changing and we expect an exponential increase in computer vision applications using HPC. In fact, the ability of developing effective computer vision methods that also provide scalable and efficient processing solutions is becoming more and more an attractive and innovative R&D area for its potential applicability in several scientific, technological and industrial sectors. The goal of this special session is two fold. First we aim to present and report on the following topics: High-Performance Computing, parallel and distributed algorithms/systems, parallel languages, hybrid parallel programming with GPUs and accelerators, Grid, Cluster and Cloud for computer vision methods. Second, it is aimed at bringing together practitioners and researchers both in computer vision and in HPC and in multimedia research to share ideas and experiences in designing and implementing HPC solutions for improving efficiency of computer vision applications, thus promoting interdisciplinary research between computer vision, HPC and multimedia research Topics of interest ================== The list of possible topics includes, but is not limited to, the application of High-Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Multicore programming, Hybrid Parallel Programming with GPUs and Accelerators, Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing in the following fields of computer vision: * Image Formation, Image Enhancement and Restoration * Image and Video Analysis * Image and Video Understanding * Motion, Tracking and Stereo Vision Important dates =============== Regular paper submissions: March 26th 2012 Regular papers notification: May 14th 2012 Final Paper Submission and Registration: June 1st 2012 Date of the conference: October 15-18, 2012 Paper Submission ================ Authors should submit a paper in English of up to 6 A4 format pages, according to the IPTA 2012 procedure. All accepted papers and presented by one of the authors will be indexed by IEEE Xplore, published in conference proceeding under an ISBN reference and in CD-ROM support. The best THREE (3) papers will be published in ongoing/upcoming issue of the International Journal of Image Processing. Extended versions of selected papers will be also published in special issues of a ISI HPC international journal. Special Session Organisers ========================== * Concetto Spampinato, University of Catania, Italy * Tommaso Mazza, Bioinformatics unit Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, Italy * Marco Aldinucci, University of Turin, Italy Please contact us at Program committee ================= * Jenny Benois-Pineau (France) * Gabriella Sanniti di Baia (Italy) * Roberto Barbera (Italy) * Fang-Pang Lin (Taiwan) * Bob Fisher (UK) * Vasileios Mezaris (Greece) * Anna Rue Borsch (Spain) * Bas Boom (UK) * Paolo Ballarini (France) * Davide Prandi (Italy) * Marco Grangetto (Italy) * Marco Fargetta (Italy) * Sotirios Tsaftaris (Italy) * Marco Danelutto (Italy) * Isaak Kavasidis (Greece) * Simone Palazzo (Italy)