__________________________________________________ Call for Participation __________________________________________________ International Computer Vision Summer School 3R's of Computer Vision: Recognition, Registration, Reconstruction Sicily 15-21 July 2012 WEB: http://www.dmi.unict.it/icvss Email: icvss@dmi.unict.it APPLICATION DEADLINE: 21 March 2012 http://svg.dmi.unict.it/icvss2012/application.htm MOTIVATIONS AND DESCRIPTION Computer vision is the science and technology of making machines that see. It is concerned with the theory, design and implementation of algorithms that can automatically process images and videos. The sixth edition of the International Computer Vision Summer School aims to provide both an objective and clear overview and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art research in the areas of Recognition, Registration, Reconstruction (the 3R's of Computer Vision). The courses will be delivered by world renowned experts in the field, from both academia and industry, and will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of real Computer Vision problems as well as examples of their successful commercialisation. The school aims to provide a stimulating opportunity for young researchers and Ph.D. students. The participants will benefit from direct interaction and discussions with world leaders in Computer Vision. Participants will also have the possibility to present the results of their research, and to interact with their scientific peers, in a friendly and constructive environment. LIST OF SPEAKERS Francis Bach (Sparse Coding) INRIA, France Michael Bronstein (Non-Rigid Registration) Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Andrew Davison (SLAM and Realtime SFM) Imperial College London, United Kingdom Alberto Del Bimbo (Surveillance, 3D Face Recognition) University of Firenze, Italy Rob Fergus (Part Based Models and Large Image Search) New York University, USA Graham Finlayson (Colour and Physics based Vision) University of East Anglia, United Kingdom Jan Koenderink (Perception, Shape) Utrecht University, Netherlands Jitendra Malik (Computer Vision - Big Picture) University of California at Berkeley, USA Marcello Pelillo (Game Theory in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) University of Venice, Italy Deva Ramanan (Action Recognition) University of California at Irvine, USA Daniel Rueckert (Medical Imaging: reconstruction, tracking, segmentation) Imperial College London, United Kingdom Julia Schnabel (Medical Imaging: Registration) University of Oxford, United Kingdom Amnon Shashua (Visual Recognition, Multicalss Learning) The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Stefano Soatto (Reading Group) University of California, Los Angeles, USA DIRECTORS Roberto Cipolla University of Cambridge, United Kingdom Sebastiano Battiato University of Catania, Italy Giovanni Maria Farinella University of Catania, Italy APPLICATION The school will be open to about 100 qualified, motivated and pre-selected candidates. Ph. D. students, post-docs, young researchers (both academic and industrial), senior researchers (both academic and industrial) or academic/industrial professionals are encouraged to apply: http://svg.dmi.unict.it/icvss2012/application.htm The expected school fee will be in the order of 600,00 for Master and Phd students, 750 for others academic position and 900 for all the others. The fee will include, all courses, handling material, coffee breaks, welcome cocktail, bus service from Catania Airport to School Location and viceversa, WiFi Internet Connession, a guided tour and social dinner to Ragusa Ibla, a party on the beach, a folcloristic exhibition of the Herbessus Sicilian Group Dancers, and bus service from School Location to Catania, Siracusa and Taormina at the end of the school. The application at ICVSS 2012 should be done before 21 March 2012. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance by 31 March 2012. POSTER SUBMISSION The International Computer Vision Summer School is especially aimed to provide a stimulating space for young researchers and Ph.D. Students. They will have the possibility to present the results of their research on the topic of the school, and to interact with their scientific peers, in a friendly and constructive environment. Accepted students may submit a poster to present their research activity. The poster should be submitted before 15 May 2012: http://svg.dmi.unict.it/icvss2012/call.htm Suitable space will be reserved to students for showing their posters. The electronic version of the posters will also be available from the ICVSS web site. BEST PRESENTATION PRIZE A selected subset from the submitted posters will be selected by the school committee for short oral presentation. A best presentation prize of 700 euros (supported by Toshiba Research Europe) will be given to the best presentation selected by the school committee. SCHOLARSHIP A scholarship of 600 euros will be awarded to the best PhD student attending the school. The decision will be made by the school committee at the time of the school, taking into account candidates'cv, poster and oral presentation. All PhD students attending the school will be considered. READING GROUP (WITH PRIZE!) During a typical PhD and subsequent research year, students will read probably more than 100 papers. Reading research papers is a skill that can be acquired and that is very different from reading a novel. This session is to introduce students to that skill. Good ideas have deep roots. Understanding such roots is key to being able to generate new ideas moving forward. The goal of the Reading Group is to practice ways in which exploration of these roots can be performed. The homework prior to the commencement of the school consists in studying (not just reading) one or more of the references provided by the school commitee, and tracing the ideas as far back as you can. Detailed instructions will be sent to students after acceptance notification. LOCATION OF ICVSS 2012 ICVSS 2012 will be hosted by Hotel Village Baia Samuele in Punta Sampieri - Scicli (Ragusa), Sicily from 15-21 July 2012. Sicily is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. The island is very rich in archeological sites from various Ancient Civilizations. The sea, weather, food and the wine are excellent. In particular Punta Sampieri - Scicli (RG) is located in the south east of Sicily in a late Baroque area called Val di Noto. The Val di Noto area is included in the Unesco World Heritage List and includes eight nearby towns: Caltagirone, Militello Val di Catania, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo, Ragusa and Scicli. The location of the school rises in the middle of an ample bay delimited on the west from Sampieri and on the east from a cliff, on which is founded an ancient furnace, rare example of industrial archaeology. The Hotel Village Baia Samuele stretches in a gentle slant to the beach: 120 thousand square meters delimited from rows of secular cypresses. An ultramodern village with an original architecture, pleasant design and all comforts you can imagine. The frame of plants and flowers, typical of this angle of Sicily, in front of the island of Malta, completes this gilded dream of the Mediterranean. ACCOMMODATION RESERVATION AT HOTEL VILLAGE BAIA SAMUELE ICVSS participants will be hosted at Hotel Village Baia Samuele (school location) at very special rates. ICVSS participants must make reservations for accommodation no later than 15th April 2012, using the accommodation reservation form (see online http://svg.dmi.unict.it/icvss2012/SchoolLocation.htm) to be sent by directly to Baia Samuele reception. After 15th April 2012 there is no guarantee for reservations in Hotel Village Baia Samuele. More information will be announced as soon as possible on the web site. MORE INFORMATION www.dmi.unict.it/icvss icvss@dmi.unict.it