CALL FOR PAPERS Special Session on 'Interactive and Immersive Entertainment and Communication' MMM2012 The 18th International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling January 4-6, 2012 Klagenfurt, Austria * Papers are due July 22nd. * Papers should be no more than 10-12 pages, LNCS formatted. * Please consult the MMM website for detailed author instructions! * For questions please contact Rene Kaiser ( SESSION ABSTRACT In recent years, patterns of media consumption have been changing rapidly, but video production technology has not been keeping up. Video material is now viewed on screens ranging in size from an IMAX cinema, through to large domestic projection and flat-panel displays, down to mobile phones. While the different screen sizes require different editing of the content (e.g., shot framing, editing speed), it is commercially not feasible to produce separate content for each target platform. Another significant change in media consumption habits is the level of interactivity that consumers are increasingly expecting. Traditional broadcasting is lacking behind the expectations of a generation grown up with the interactivity known from the Web and computer games. Multi-source, multi-sensor and omnidirectional audiovisual capture systems, which have been proposed in recent years, provide the potential for novel types of immersive entertainment. The challenge for multimedia systems is to enable more interactive and realistic experiences for the consumer, by providing intuitive means of navigating within scenes, selecting content, interacting with other users and media assets and making interactions more natural. The technologies are applicable both for entertainment applications and communication between groups of people. While there are application scenarios where users want to have full interaction possibilities, there is a risk of overwhelming users, who are not digital natives or look for a lean-back experience, with the wealth of content available. Thus (semi-)automatic tools supporting the production to guide the user and provide options rather than unlimited freedom, while keeping the production process efficient and cost-effective are urgently needed. This session invites contributions describing state of the art multimedia systems enabling immersive and interactive user experiences in entertainment and communication scenarios. Ideally, the technologies are also applicable to other application areas than entertainment and communication. We look forward to welcoming you to Klagenfurt in January 2012! Best regards, Pablo Cesar, Rene Kaiser, Oliver Schreer and Graham Thomas On behalf of the organizers