3DIMPVT 2012 - Call for Participation 13-15 October 2012, ETH Zurich, Switzerland http://www.3dimpvt.org/ Registration is now open at: http://www.3dimpvt.org/registration/ Early Registration: September 10th. The interest in acquiring and creating 3D representations of the world is ever increasing. 3DIMPVT provides a premier platform for disseminating research results covering a broad variety of topics in the area of 3Dresearch in computer vision and graphics, from novel optical sensors, signal processing, geometric modeling, representation and transmission, to visualization and applications. The 3DIMPVT 2012 conference will include keynote speeches from: - Robert Neuman, Chief Stereographer, Walt Disney Animation Studios, USA. - Richard Hartley, ANU, Australia, who will talk on geometric computer vision. - Pierre Alliez, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France, who will talk on robust 3D surface reconstruction. - Wojciech Matusik, MIT, USA, who will talk on 3D printing/manufacturing. - Uwe Franke, Daimler AG, Germany, who will talk on 6D vision for driver assistance. as well as a special session on 3D urban modeling: - Christophe Stretcha, Pix4D, Switzerland. - Jean-Philippe Pons, Acute3D, France. The list of accepted papers can be found at: http://www.3dimpvt.org/program/. This year 3DIMPVT will be collocated with the 3D-TV conference, which follows 3DIMPVT in the same venue at ETH Zurich, allowing participants to attend two conferences on 3D research in computer vision, graphics and transmissions at interesting rates: - Regular (3DIMPVT only): 400 CHF - Student (3DIMPVT only): 350 CHF - Regular (3DIMPVT and 3DTV-CON): 500 CHF - Student (3DIMPVT and 3DTV-CON): 400 CHF (400CHF is about 400 USD or 330 \200) Cheap accommodation is available in the university shelter for those interested (100CHF/week). In addition, for overseas travelers planning to attend ECCV 2012 in Florence (Oct. 7-13), Zurich can function as an efficient hub with direct connections to many places worldwide, as well as three daily flights to Florence. (http://www.3dimpvt.org/eccv-connection) Looking forward to seeing you in Zurich! The 3DIMPVT 2012 Committee.