MICCAI workshop on Perinatal and Paediatric Imaging (PaPI) 2012 1st October 2012, Nice, France www.eng.ox.ac.uk/PaPI2012 Perinatal and Paediatric Imaging is a half-day workshop held in conjunction with MICCAI 2012, focusing on how imaging can help to improve perinatal and paediatric monitoring and care. Our goal is to bring together researchers from wider field of imaging during early life, including mathematicians, engineers, physicists, obstetricians, neonatologists, and paediatricians, to link structural, functional and nutritional measurements of fetal, neonatal and paediatric organs with clinical data and developmental outcomes. TOPICS include but are not limited to: * Imaging biomarkers from routine 2D fetal ultrasound screening * Recent advances in 3D fetal/neonatal ultrasound and MRI * Multi-modality imaging of the fetus and neonate * Characterisation of developmental abnormalities * Placental malfunction and maternal preeclampsia * Intrauterine growth restriction and twin pregnancies * Congenital heart disease in the fetus, and effects on neurodevelopment * Imaging lung function in the neonate * Fetal abdominal imaging * Long-term cognitive outcome * Spatio-temporal atlases for organ development * Correlation of imaging biomarkers to functional and nutritional measurements IMPORTANT DATES: 1st June 2012 - submission deadline 1st July 2012 - notification of acceptance 14th July 2012 - early bird registration deadline 30th July 2012 - camera ready papers deadline 1st October 2012 (AM) - workshop ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Julia A Schnabel, IBME, University of Oxford, UK Maria Murgasova, IBME, University of Oxford, UK Daniel Rueckert, Department of Computing, Imperial College London, UK Francois Rousseau, CNRS, University of Strasbourg, France Colin Studholme, Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington, USA Lilla Zollei, A.A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH, USA Guido Gerig, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute SCI, University of Utah, USA On behalf of all organisers, Maria Murgasova