IEEE Transactions on System, Man and Cybernetics: Part A Special Issue on Decision Making in Human and Machine Vision Call for Papers In many applications such as medical imaging, computer-aided diagnosis and other mission-critical applications, fully automatic solutions may be even undesirable, and human intervention and incorporating knowledge in the decision process may be necessary. For example, humans, by virtue of their remarkable ability in recognizing, perceiving and interpreting the visual world, can effortlessly distinguish different image regions or separate the different classes of objects. Reflecting the finite ability of the sensory organs and (finally the brain) to resolve details, perceptions are inherently imprecise. This means, boundaries of perceived classes are unsharp, and the values of attributes they can have are granulated. Therefore, it is both helpful and sometimes necessary to incorporate high-level perceptual knowledge and humanintervention to solve problems in decision-making related to image analysis, vision and pattern recognition. To achieve this goal, the theory of (mainly soft) decision making techniques, integrated with perception based models, may provide useful approaches and methodologies because of their inherent characteristics like adaptivity, robustness, flexibility, speed, searching, uncertainty handling, and human like decision-making. Scientists, researchers and practitioners are invited to present their current research results in the area of the decision making for imaging and vision, psychophysical and neuro-visual models in visual perception, and biologically inspired computer vision like scale space theory modelling, especially taking into account the modern Information and Communication Technologies. Topics of interest include: Active learning Rough-fuzzy modelling Granular computing Dempster Shafer theory Multi criteria decision making Monte Carlo modelling Graphical modelling High level knowledge modelling Neuro-visual modelling Psychophysical modelling Scale-space modeling Visual Attention mechanisms Applications of information and communication technologies - Video surveillance - Multimedia recognition - Content-based image retrieval - Biomedical imaging - 3D object recognition Dates: Open for submissions: November 1st, 2011 Closing for submissions: January 13th, 2012 First review decision: May 1st, 2012 (approximate) Revision due: August 1st, 2012 Revised review decision: February 1st, 2012 (approximate) Final manuscript due: May 1st, 2013 Expected publication: November 2013 (approximate) Guest Editors: Prof. Sankar K. Pal Machine Intelligence Unit Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata 700108, India ( Prof. Alfredo Petrosino Department of Applied Science University of Naples Parthenope Naples, Italy (