IET Computer Vision: Computer Vision for Animal Biometrics Call for Papers

Call for Papers: IET Computer Vision
Editor-in-Chief: Professor Majid Mirmehdi, University of Bristol, UK

Special Issue: Computer Vision for Animal Biometrics

The development of computer vision approaches that detect and describe 
animal life in image or video data is an
emerging subject in machine vision. First real-world applications are now 
becoming available to assist work in a variety
of areas; including ecology, agriculture, conservation, and the 
behavioral sciences.
This special issue seeks to bring together and organize a collection of 
recently developed approaches in this domain.
It is intended to provide an international forum for researchers to report 
recent developments in the field in an original research paper style.

The topics include, but are not limited to:

* detection and recognition of animals
* automated visual species classification
* visual population count and census applications
* individual animal identification
* animal tracking and movement analysis
* monitoring animal traits, behaviour and health
* real-world animal biometrics systems

Important dates:
Submission deadline: 31 Jan 2017
Publication date: Oct 2017 

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All papers must be submitted through the journal's Manuscript Central system:

For enquiries regarding this Special Issue please contact:
Tilo Burghardt (Lead Guest Editor)
University of Bristol