11th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems Call for Papers


11th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems       
Shenzhen, China, July 10 - 13, 2017.
Contact: eelium@ust.hk


ICVS addresses the aspects of building vision systems for real world
applications.  The conference series was started in 1999 by Henrik
Christensen and James Crowley given the fact that robots need vision
systems to interact with the world.

ICVS invites original contributions about the design and deployment of
comprehensive computer vision systems for applications such as
robotics, monitoring, and scene interpretation.

  Prof. Roland Siegwart, ETH Zurich, Switzerland     
  Prof. Hong Qiao, CAS, China     
  Prof. Yongchun Fang, Nankai University, China     
  Prof. Hesheng Wang, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China   


- Submission of original PDF full papers:                   April 15, 2017
- Submission of organized focused theme session proposals:  March 30, 2017
- Notification of paper and organized session acceptance:   May 15, 2017
- Submission of final papers:                               June 1, 2017


Conference Chairs:

*        Markus Vincze, TU Wien, Austria  
*        Ming Liu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong 

The scope of the conference includes but not limited to the following areas:

    - Building Vision Systems: Paradigms, architectures, integration, control
    - Vision Systems Applications: Systems deployed in real/realistic scenarios
    - Real-Time Vision Systems
    - Robot Vision
    - Mobile and Wearable Vision Systems
    - Hardware-Implemented Vision Systems
    - Vision for the Real Worlds: Robustness, learning, adaptability, self-assessment, failure recovery
    - Vision for Action: Robotics, perception-action loops
    - Vision in Context: Context awareness, knowledge representations, reasoning, goal specification
    - Biological Vision: Computer vision inspired by biology or psychology Cognitive Vision Systems
    - Human-computer interaction: Monitoring, supervised learning, scene interpretation
    - Human-Robot Collaboration: Gesture recognition, scene understanding
    - Performance Evaluation: benchmarks, methods and metrics

More information is available at http://icvs2017.ram-lab.com

Submission link: https://www.softconf.com/g/icvs2017/