ICDSC 2017: International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras Call for Papers

ICDSC 2017: International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras
September 5-7, 2017, Stanford University, CA, USA

important Dates: 
Paper submission deadline: April 14, 2017
Notification of acceptance: June 2, 2017
Camera ready and early registration deadline: June 30, 2017 
PhD Forum and demo papers deadline: June 30, 2017
Main conference: Sep. 5-7, 2017
Tutorials: Sep. 4, 2017

About ICDSC 2017
Smart camera networks are becoming a fundamental piece of our
intelligent cities, buildings and homes, progressively inserting
themselves into our lives. From smart surveillance systems composed of
a multitude of smart camera nodes to small wearable cameras able to
render a visual log of our daily experience, these devices interact
with each other and with a wealth of other smart things, and of course
the internet. Their rapid development is possible thanks to the
convergence of several technologies. From advanced image sensors and
vision chips to embedded vision systems capable of efficient feature
extraction, image encoding and wireless transmission of the relevant
visual content: This technology opens the door to new application
domains, where video analytics and the extraction of semantic
information from the scene is performed in a distributed fashion,
implementing a new type of cooperative and/or collaborative vision.

Venue: Stanford University, CA, USA

Papers are invited in the following and related areas:
Smart image sensors and vision chips
- Circuits and systems for image sensing
- Parallel processing hardware
- HW/SW co-design for embedded vision 
- Reconfigurable vision processing architectures
- High-performance image sensors
- Neuromorphic cameras and networks
- Embedded deep learning cameras

Mobile Vision
- Mobile applications
- Crowdsourcing
- Sensing for mixed/augmented reality
- Structure-from-motion in mobile devices
- Visual landmark localization
- Collective object recognition

Smart cameras and network architectures
- Camera system designs and architectures
- Image sensing/processing for smart cameras 
- Architectures for camera networks
- Embedded vision programming
- Distributed video coding
- Self-reconfiguring camera networks
- Wireless and mobile image sensor networks 
- Topology discovery
- Context-aware networks

Emerging applications
- Smart cameras as IoT devices
- Process splitting in camera vs cloud
- Vision-based smart environments
- Smart camera networks for healthcare and surgery room
- Virtual reality and augmented reality
- Position discovery and middleware apps
- Combining smart cameras with semantic information
- Smart cities and smart cameras

Distributed computer vision
- Distributed video analytics
- Resource management and task allocation  Multi-sensor data aggregation
- Collaborative extraction, information fusion  Surveillance and
  tracking applications
- Social media and big data

3D and robotics
- 3D reconstruction of everything
- Driver assistance, autonomous driving  Active vision
- Social robots
- Drone distributed smart cameras

Please feel free to share this CFP with your colleagues.

   Prof. Miguel Arias-Estrada 
   Prof. Christian Micheloni