CFP: Journal of Electronic Imaging Special Issue on Superpixels for Image Processing and Computer Vision Call for Papers

CFP: Journal of Electronic Imaging 
Special Issue on Superpixels for Image Processing and Computer Vision

Call for Papers: Superpixels for Image Processing and Computer Vision

Since the advent of digital images, pixels have served as the base
elements of image processing tasks. However, pixels are only the
result of the discrete acquisition and representation of images, and
they do not represent any semantic entities. To address this issue,
superpixel segmentation has been proposed, the aim of which being to
over-segment the image by grouping pixels that share similar
properties. This provides a grouping of pixels into perceptually
meaningful entities that are more consistent with the human visual
system, and that can serve as primitives for further computation.

Superpixels have become a key building block for many algorithms in
image processing and computer vision such as image segmentation, image
parsing, semantic labeling and object classifi- cation, and detection
and tracking. Indeed, there are many benefits of working at the
superpixel level instead of the classical pixel level. First,
superpixels carry more information than pixels since they better
adhere to the natural image boundaries than square patches. Second,
superpixels have a perceptual meaning since pixels belonging to a
given superpixel share similar visual properties. Third, superpixels
provide a convenient and compact representation of images that can be
very useful for computationally demanding problems, as a superpixel
graph has much few nodes than the classical grid graph.


The aim of the proposed special issue is to present some of the
cutting-edge works currently being done on and with superpixels and to
reveal the challenges that still lie ahead.

We are soliciting original contributions that address a wide range of
theoretical and practical issues related to superpixels including, but
not limited to:
- Superpixel generation algorithms,
- Superpixel quality evaluation,
- Superpixels for data beyond the usual pixel grid such as meshes or point clouds,
- Superpixel-based segmentation,
- Superpixel-based features,
- Superpixel-based classification,
- Superpixel-based applications, and
- Graph algorithms on superpixel graphs.


Manuscripts should conform to the standard guidelines of
JEI. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their
manuscript through the JEI online submission system at Manuscripts should be marked with the proper
special issue option in the Article Type section and the special issue
should be mentioned in the cover letter. Each manuscript will be
reviewed by at least two independent reviewers.

Important Dates

Original submissions due: 1 April 2017
First round of review completed, and decision sent to author: 15 May 2017
Revised manuscripts due: 1 July 2017
Re-reviews due (if necessary): 1 September 2017
Final acceptance decision: 1 November 2017

Guest Editors

University of Caen Normandy, France

The French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks, France

University of Central Arkansas, USA

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