47th Annual IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop: 2018 Call for Papers

47th Annual IEEE Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop: 2018
Ubiquitous Imaging
Washington, DC.

October 9-11, 2018

The recent computing performance revolution has driven improvements in
sensor, communication, and storage technology. Imaging and Earth
Observation datasets at the petabyte scale are now available in
commercial clouds, with new sensors spanning the electromagnetic
spectrum being deployed at a rapid pace. Cloud computing and storage,
combined with recent advances in machine learning, are enabling
understanding of our world at a scale and at a level of detail never
before feasible. We now can sense everywhere, all the time and by

The Workshop Committee invites papers that address any aspects of
handling large sets of image data, as well as those engaged in seeking
improved methods of extracting information from these large sets,
including new techniques, algorithms, analysis, applications,
visualizations, systems, theoretical insights and hardware
developments over a large set of topics.

Abstracts (150-300 words) are now being accepted through our online
submission site: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/AIPR2018/.

Deadline for abstracts: 31 May 2018

For a more details, visit: http://www.aipr-workshop.org/