CVPR 2022 Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals for CVPR 2022

At this year's CVPR we will vote on the organizing team and location
for CVPR 2022. Please send proposals to by May 18, 2018.

For many years, we have tried to maintain a loose geographic rotation
between the east coast, west coast, and mountain/central
regions. Although this is more of a guideline than a hard rule, it's
served us well. CVPR 2020 will be in Seattle, and CVPR 2021 will be
somewhere in the eastern portion of the U.S., so by rotation
preference should be given to meeting locations in the central portion
of the U.S. All strong bids are welcome regardless of location.

Proposals should include the following information: dates, city,
meeting site, hotels, and team details (general chairs, program
chairs, finance chair, local arrangements, and some of the other
members in charge of the program). CVPR is generally held during the
second through fourth weeks of June. It is difficult to project the
future growth of the meeting, but the primary meeting site should be
capable of supporting 10,000 attendees (or more) and have sufficient
space for our growing industrial exhibition, which generally means
convention centers or similar venues. The team should contact the site
in advance to make sure the intended dates are available and attempt
to reserve those dates if possible. The proposal should include a
preliminary budget. After proposals are submitted, additional
information may be requested by the PAMI-TC Executive Committee or the
meeting's sponsors.

Those planning to submit proposals are strongly encouraged to work
closely with Nicole Finn from C to C Events, our conference meeting
planner, who can help with requests for proposals from potential
locations, hotel arrangements, budgets, and other portions of the

Voting will be conducted using the same process we used last year:
there will be an electronic vote open to all registered attendees at
CVPR 2018, which will open after the bids are presented at the TC
meeting and close 24-48 hours later. While we hope to get multiple
bids, if fewer than two proposals are submitted by the deadline, the
PAMI-TC executive committee may choose to put also together a team and