ETRI Journal Special issue on Digital Holographic 3D Imaging: Capture, Display, and Evaluation Call for Papers

Call for Papers:

ETRI Journal Special issue on Digital Holographic 3D Imaging: 
Capture, Display, and Evaluation

Holography has long been regarded as one of the most ideal
three-dimensional (3D) imaging technology. For this reason,
"hologram" became a fascinating and eye-catching terminology
that has been widely used for the advertisement of 3D imaging from
Sci-Fi movies, hologram theaters to a lot of 3D-showing
gadgets. However, digital techniques for realizing "real hologram"
or "real holographic 3D image" are still in the realm of
researchers and there are quite a few challenges remained for digital
holographic 3D imaging systems or applications to be commercially
available and viable. On the other hand, rising interest to AR/VR
systems and applications motivates active development of new SLM
technologies, fast rendering of huge image data, and micro-optic
devices including DOE/HOE, which are also very much beneficial to the
advancement of holographic 3D imaging area. In this regards, recent
progress across relevant research areas for digital holography needs
to be reviewed and to be integrated together.  The aim of this special
issue is to describe the state of the art in digital holographic 3D
imaging itself and relevant areas, which includes capture, display,
and evaluation technologies. The CFP welcomes original contributions
representing the current state of research and current trends. Also,
papers revealing the transversal and multidisciplinary nature of
digital holographic 3D imaging will be appreciated.  Various essential
sub-areas of digital holographic 3D imaging technologies and recent
research activities will be covered in this special issue. In
particular, the topics of interest include but are not limited to the

* Coherent and incoherent light-based hologram capture
* CGH algorithms for different 3D imaging data format including 
       3D mesh, point cloud, etc.
* Fast and parallel computing algorithms for generating CGH
* Digital Holographic display architecture and implementations
* SLM devices for digital holographic display
* Hologram image quality measurement & evaluation
* Holographic data processing and compression
* Review papers on a specific area or a country (invited paper only)

Important Dates (tentative)
Paper submission due: 20 Aug 2018
First Decision: 22 Oct 2018 (Revised submission due: 19 Nov 2018)
Final Decision 23 Nov 2018
Final paper due: 7 Dec 2018
Tentative Publication Date: 8 Feb 2019

Paper Submission
Papers should be submitted at
and should adhere to the journal's Author Guidelines.

Guest Editors
Prof. Byoungho Lee, Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea,
Prof. Malgorzata Kujawinska, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland,
Dr. Jinwoong Kim, ETRI, Rep. of Korea,

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