Patch-based Techniques in Medical Imaging Call for Papers

Special issue on 
**Patch-based Techniques in Medical Imaging** 
in the Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics Journal.

Patch-based techniques are playing an increasing role in medical
imaging domains ranging from image processing to image analysis and
understanding. Some example image processing applications include
image segmentation, image registration and image enhancement (eg,
de-noising and super-resolution). Higher-level image analysis
applications such as computer-aided diagnosis and image retrieval have
also benefited from patches by allowing us to divide a difficult
modeling problem into smaller, more tractable units involving more
homogeneous regions, where patches, as well as super-voxel techniques,
are commonly used for such partitioning. We believe that the use of
patch-based techniques will keep increasing in the future of medical
imaging, either for extending traditionally voxel-based techniques to
the patch level (eg, registration and segmentation), or for
computer-based diagnosis and prognosis using machine learning and deep
learning techniques.

We are looking for original, high-quality submissions on innovative
research and development in the analysis of medical image data using
patch-based techniques.

Topics of interests include but are not limited to patch-based
processing dedicated to: Image segmentation, image registration, image
enhancement, computer-aided diagnosis, image fusion, image synthesis,
image retrieval, super-pixel/voxel-based analysis and sparse
dictionary learning.



Deadline:    April 5th, 2018

Important:    select VSI:Patch-MI as article type

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**Guest Editors**

Gerard Sanroma (DZNE, Germany)
Brent C. Munsell (CofC, US)
Wenjia Bai (ICL, UK)
Pierrick Coupé (Bordeaux University, France)
Guorong Wu (UNC-Chapel Hill, US)
Yiqiang Zhan (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)