6th Visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior workshop Call for Papers

6th Visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior workshop 

These problems can be applied to a variety of species at different sizes, 
such as fruit and house flies, crickets, cockroaches and other insects, 
mice and rats, commercial farm animals such as poultry, cows and horses,
and wildlife monitoring, etc. One aspect that they all have in common is
video data.

More information can be found at: 

         Submission: a 4 page extended abstract in PDF to rbf@inf.ed.ac.uk 
                by April 15, 2018
         Acceptance: June 1
         Revised extended abstracts: July 1
         Workshop: August 20, 2018

Workshop Organizers:
         R. Fisher       University of Edinburgh (Chair, contact: rbf@inf.ed.ac.uk)
         J. Hallam       University of South Denmark
         S. Palazzo      Universita' di Catania

Program Committee

M. Betke            Boston University
B. Boom             Cyclomedia
A. Branzan Albu     University of Victoria
T. Burghardt        University of Bristol
A. Cartas Ayala     Universitat de Barcelona
J. Denzler          Universitat Jena
P. Dickinson        University of Lincoln
A. French           Nottingham University
A. Gabdulkhakova    Vienna University of Technology
A. Hoogs            Kitware
X. Jiang            Universiteit Muenster
M. Kampel           Technical University of Vienna
Y. Kita             Japanese Nat. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
M. Mangan           University of Lincoln
S. Matthews         Newcastle University
M. Mirmehdi         University of Bristol
N. Napp             State University of New York at Buffalo
M. Oskarsson        Lunds Tekniska Hogskola
R. Poppe            Universiteit Utrecht
E. Psota            University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B. Risse            Universität Münster
R. Sillito          Actual Analytics
C. Spampinato       Universita' di Catania
Y. Xiao             University of West England