IET Computer Vision: SPECIAL ISSUE ON: Computer Vision for Smart Cameras and Camera Networks Call for Papers

IET Computer Vision: SPECIAL ISSUE ON: 
Computer Vision for Smart Cameras and Camera Networks  

Smart cameras and smart camera networks are becoming fundamental
pieces for intelligent environments, from homes to buildings and
cities, progressively inserting themselves into our lives. From smart
surveillance systems composed of a multitude of smart camera nodes to
small wearable cameras able to render a visual log of our daily
activities, these devices interact with each other and with a wealth
of other smart things, and of course the Internet.  Thanks to the
convergence of relevant technologies such as imaging sensors, embedded
systems, video analytics and deep learning, this field is currently
undergoing a rapid development. This technology opens the door to many
application domains including video surveillance, autonomous driving,
robots and drones, smart factory and industry 4.0, health monitoring
and care, to name a few. Advanced Computer Vision algorithms play a
key role in most of these applications.
The goal of this Special Issue is to present and highlight the latest
developments in the computer vision community that can be used for
smart cameras and smart camera networks.
Topics include, but are not limited to:

** Statistics and machine learning for computer vision 
** Face and gesture recognition 
** Motion, flow and visual tracking 
** Visual landmark/feature localization 
** Person and animal Re-identification 
** Image/video processing techniques and methods  
** Video analysis 
** Object detection and recognition 
** Action, behavior and event recognition 
** Deep learning for computer vision 
** 3D computer vision 
** RGB-D analysis 
** Computer vision beyond visible spectrum  
** Emerging applications of computer vision 

Proposed publication schedule:
Submission Deadline: 30th November 2019 
Publication Date: Autumn 2020
Guest Editors:
Dr. Caifeng Shan Philips Research, Netherlands  E: 
Dr. Jungong Han  University of Warwick, UK  E: 
Prof. Lucio Marcenaro  University of Genova, Italy E:
Prof. Nicola Conci  University of Trento, Italy E: