ACM Multimedia Call for Papers

===== ACM Multimedia 2020 =====

Oct. 12-16, Seattle
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1. Call for Papers

ACM Multimedia is the premier international conference in
multimedia. It covers multiple emerging fields focusing on advancing
the research and applications of many media, including but not limited
to images, text, audio, speech, music, sensor and social data.  It
strongly encourages a complete and integrated approach to exchange,
process and utilize information across modalities, as well as all
cutting-edge research on each medium with potential of great positive
impacts on everyday lives and technological breakthroughs.

While the community has a tradition of developing and innovating AI
and system approaches to handle big data and improve users'
experiences on engaging and interacting with multimedia, it is also
uniquely angled towards novel applications and urgent industrial
challenges. As such the conference openly embraces new intellectual
perspectives from both industry and academia, and welcomes submissions
from related fields, such as artificial intelligence, vision and
languages, data sciences, HCI and multimedia signal processing, as
well as healthcare, education and beyond.  We invite the submissions
in four major themes of multimedia.

Engaging Users with Multimedia
	Emotional and social signals
	Multimedia search and recommendations
	Summarization, analysis and storytelling

	Interactions and quality of experiences
	Art and culture
	Multimedia applications

Multimedia Content Understanding
	Multimodal integration and alignment
	Vision and language
	Resource-efficient multimedia computing on edges

Multimedia Systems
	Systems and middleware
	Transport and delivery
	Data systems management and indexing

2. Highlights of ACM Multimedia 2020

Scientific Diversity: It is among our top priorities to ensure a
top-quality conference that covers a full diversity of all fields of
multimedia research including a variety of media modalities by
addressing both technological and practical challenges.

Value: We strive to select the most innovative and the highest-quality
research aiming at the most impactful novelty on individual media
and/or from a systematic perspective of innovating and integrating
multiple components across modalities.

Sharing: We value the sharing of not only knowledge (in the form of
papers, presentations and demos) but also the code and open-source
software. While we will continue the implementation of the ACM
Artifact Review and Badging, best efforts will be made on sharing and
preserving the open-source code and systems resulting from the
published papers.

3. Location

The conference will be held in Bellevue, Washington, United States,
located in the Greater Seattle area famous as an ever-green city and
home to many hi-tech companies. Our venue, Hyatt Regency Bellevue, is
centrally located in Bellevue.

4. Important Dates

Reproducibility Companion Paper - 2 Feb 2020 
Workshop Proposals Submission - 10 Feb 2020 
Grand Challenge Proposal Submission - 10 Feb 2020 
Grand Challenge Proposal Notification - 24 Feb 2020 
Regular Papers Submission - 28 Mar 2020 (Abstract: 21 Mar 2020) 
Open Source Competition Submission - 11 May 2020 
Brave New Ideas Submission - 11 May 2020 
Interactive Artworks Submission - 11 May 2020 
Doctorial Symposium Submission - 11 May 2020 
Panel Proposals Submission - 11 May 2020 
Tutorial Proposals Submission - 11 May 2020 
Technical Demo and Video Program Submission - 25 May 2020 
Regular Papers Notification - 22 Jun 2020
Grand Challenge Solutions Submission -	29 Jun 2020
Workshop Papers Submission - 29 Jun 2020

5. Organizing Committee

Honorary Chair:

Ramesh Jain, University of California Irvine

General Chairs:

ChangWen Chen, CUHK Shenzhen
Rita Cucchiara, UNIMORE
Xian-Sheng Hua, Alibaba Group

Technical Program Coordinator:

Marcel Worring, University of Amsterdam

Technical Program Chairs:

Guo-Jun Qi, Futurewei Technologies
Elisa Ricci, UNITN & FBK
Zhengyou Zhang, Tencent
Roger Zimmermann, National University of Singapore

Panel Chairs:

Jiebo Luo, University of Rochester
Yong Rui, Lenovo

Tutorial Chairs:

Jialie Shen, Queen's University Belfast
Laura Toni, University College London

Workshop Chairs:

Winston Hsu, National Taiwan University
Shervin Shirmohammadi, University of Ottawa

Brave New Ideas Chairs:

Cees Snoek, University of Amsterdam
Hengtao Shen, UEST of China
Junsong Yuan, University at Buffalo

Multimedia Grand Challenge Chairs:

Ani Kembhavi, The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Lei Zhang, Microsoft

Open Source Chairs:

Jianchao Yang, Bytedance AI Lab US
Lucile Sassatelli, UniversitÚ Cote d'Azur

Demo and Video Program Chairs:

Cathal Gurrin, Dublin City University
Klaus Schoeffmann, Klagenfurt University Yonghong Tian, Peking University

Interactive Arts Chairs:

Peter Knees, TU Wien
Zhe Gan, Microsoft

Web & Social Media Chairs:

Yiru Zhao, Alibaba Group
Yonggang Wen, Nanyang Technological University

Sponsor Chairs:

Yu-Gang Jiang, Fudan University
Tianzhu Zhang, University of Science and Technology of China

Publicity Chairs:

Benoit Huet, EURECOM
Kien A. Hua, University of Central Florida 
Mohan Kankanhalli, National University of Singapore 
Yuxin Peng, Peking University

Finance Chair:

Shuonan Zhang, Alibaba Group

Local Chairs:

Dinghuang Ji, Alibaba Group
Yu Cheng, Microsoft
Yu Wang, Alibaba Group

Publication Chairs:

Pradeep K. Atrey, University at Albany
Zhu Li, University of Missouri

Preservation Chair:

Balakrishnan Prabakaran, University of Texas at Dallas

Reproducibility Chairs:

Bj÷rn ١r Jˇnsson, IT University of Copenhagen Naoko Nitta, Osaka University

Doctoral Symposium Chair:

Yao Liu, Binghamton University

Student Travel Grant Chairs

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, University of Ottawa Anthony Vetro, MERL