Call for Papers

MuSe 2020 - The Multimodal Sentiment in Real-life Media Challenge
Multimodal Emotion Recognition - Topic Engagement Classification - Trustworthiness Quantification
ACM MM 2020, October 12 - Seattle, United States

The Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in Real-life Media Challenge and
Workshop (MuSe) focuses on Multimodal Sentiment Recognition, Emotion-
Target Engagement, and Trustworthiness of User-generated Content. It
will be the first competition aimed at comparison of multimedia
processing and deep learning methods for automatic audiovisual, and
textual based sentiment and emotion sensing, under a common
experimental condition set.

The goal of the Challenge is to provide a common benchmark test set
for multimodal information processing and to bring together the
Affective Computing, and Sentiment Analysis communities, to compare
the merits of multimodal fusion for the three core modalities under
well-defined conditions. Another motivation is the need to advance
sentiment and emotion recognition systems to be able to deal with
fully, previously unexplored naturalistic behaviour in large volumes
of in-the-wild data, as this is exactly the type of data that both
multimedia and human-machine/ human-robot communication interfaces
have to face in the real world.

Challenge opening
20 April 2020

Paper submission
29 July 2020