AI for Content Creation Workshop CVPR 2020 Call for Papers

AI for Content Creation Workshop CVPR 2020 - Call for Papers/Demos

We call for papers (8 pages) and extended abstracts (4 pages) to be
showcased in a poster session, and for interactive demos, both for the
AI for Content Creation Workshop at CVPR 2020. Authors of accepted
papers will be asked to post their submissions on arXiv. These papers
are not archival and will not be included in the proceedings of CVPR
2020. We will accept work in progress, papers that have not been
published elsewhere, and papers that have been recently published
elsewhere including at CVPR 2020. In the interests of fostering a free
exchange of ideas, we welcome both novel and previously-published
work. We seek contributions on a variety of aspects on content
creation, including but not limited to the following areas:

    Techniques for content creation: 

        Generative models for image/video synthesis

        Image/video editing, inpainting, or extrapolation

        Style transfer

        Image-to-image translation

        Video-to-video translation

        Text-to-image creation

    Domains and applications for content creation:

        Image and video for enthusiast, VFX, architecture, advertisements, art, ...

        2D/3D graphic design

        Text and typefaces

        Design for documents, Web

        Fashion, garments, and outfits

        Novel applications and datasets

The submission timeline is:

    Paper submission: March 20, 2020

    Acceptance notification: April 18, 2020

The best paper and the best demo will be acknowledged with a Titan RTX
GPU (kindly provided by our sponsors).

Submission Website: