Animal Re-Identification Call for Papers

WACV2020 Animal Re-Identification Workshop - Call for Papers

Hello Animal Re-ID Enthusiasts!

We invite members of the computer vision, machine learning, wildlife
conservation, and ecology research communities to submit papers to the
Animal Re-Identification workshop at WACV (Winter Conference for
Applications in Computer Vision) in March 2020.


The date of the workshop is not confirmed, but has been requested to
be March 2nd, 2020. The conference itself goes from March 2-5th. The
venue is the Westin Snowmass Resort in Snowmass Village, Colorado.  We
have a WACV Contributed papers stream, a previously published stream,
and a proposal stream focused on ecology problems and novel data sets.

We encourage any researchers that work with the following topics (and
more!) to submit.

** Machine Learning for Human/Animal Re-Identification
** Vocal Recognition for Re-Identification
** Human/Animal Pose Estimation
** Behaviour Analysis from Audio/Video
** Data Augmentation for Limited Datasets
** Learning from Simulated Data
** Metric Learning
** One-Shot/ Zero-Shot Learning
** GPS Location Prediction
** Interpretability of AI Systems
** Public Ecological Datasets
** Best Practices for Data Collection and Curation
** AI for Good
** and more ...

We look forward to your submissions and meeting you at our workshop!

Thank you,

Stefan Schneider, Sara Beery, and Jason Parham
WACV 2020 Animal Re-ID Workshop Organizers