CVPR20 FAQ, updated April 4, 2020

Which authors will be allowed to do remote presentations? Is it only
those with visa issues?

If CVPR20 is a purely virtual meeting all presentations will be
pre-recorded so this will not be an issue.

If CVPR20 is a hybrid meeting (with a physical as well as virtual
presence), remote presentations will be allowed by any author.

Details about remote presentations for a hybrid meeting, including
potential increases in registration rates for remote presenters to
cover extra costs incurred, are still under discussion.

updated March 20, 2020
CVPR 2020 is still scheduled to be held as planned, beginning June 14, 2020

CVPR will happen and the accepted papers will be published as
usual. The physical CVPR meeting will take place unless safety/health
regulations requires that it be cancelled, this decision is up to
health professionals.  The current large event ban in Seattle runs
through April 9 and will likely be extended on a rolling basis;
however a decision to extend it through CVPR is unlikely before May.
The organizers are developing remote participation options that will
be effective in either a hybrid or fully virtual meeting.  Many other
events have been impacted and we expect to learn from their
experience.  We will share a broad update and plan as soon as we know

Please review the information provided here  
World Health Organization (, 
Centers for Disease Control
or National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China