ActEV SDL challenge Call for Papers

ActEV SDL challenge and invitation to 
give oral presentations at CVPR'20 ActivityNet workshop
 Call for Participation:

We are organizing the ActEV SDL challenge (
as a guest task in conjunction with the CVPR'20 ActivityNet workshop,
June 14, 2020
( The
ActivityNet workshop has two tasks and four guest tasks related to
human activity detection and understanding.

The ActEV SDL (Sequestered Data Leaderboard: is an ongoing ranking of software systems
that process lengthy videos and detect activities of interest. Anyone
can submit their system to NIST, which will then run the system on
sequestered data, score the results and post the score to the
leaderboard. We will also provide detailed reports on the subset of
test data for each submission including, Detection Error Tradeoff
curve, Ranking and score on individual activities, The sequestered
data is from the MEVA (Multiview Extended Video with Activities) Test3
dataset, which contains 140 hours of time-synchronized multi-camera
videos, including indoor and outdoor scenes, night and day, crowds and
individuals, and videos are from both EO (Electro-Optical) and IR
(Infrared) sensors.

Our evaluation partner, Kitware has released public MEVA dataset of
333 hours of ground-camera and UAV videos and 28 hours of MEVA
training Annotations dataset (

We are inviting all the teams to take part in the ActEV SDL
(Sequestered Data Leaderboard: leaderboard
evaluation. The top two teams will be invited to give oral SDL task
presentations at the CVPR'20 ActivityNet workshop, June 14, 2020
( based on the
CLI submission deadline of May 10th, 2020 at 12:00 noon.


- March 03, 2020: ActEV 2020 SDL opens with MEVA Test3.

- May 10, 2020 at noon EST : Deadline for CLI submissions to be
included in ActEV guest task under CVPR'20 ActivityNet workshop.

- June 01, 2020 : We will invite the top two teams on the ActEV 2020
SDL leaderboard to give ActEV guest task oral presentations at the
CVPR'20 ActivityNet workshop based on the CLI submission deadline (May
10th, 2020).

- June 14, 2020: CVPR'20 ActivityNet workshop ActEV SDL guest task

Best regards,

-Afzal for