ChaLearn Looking at People Fair Face Recognition Workshop and Challenge Call for Papers

We cordially invite you to participate to our ECCV 2020 ChaLearn
Looking at People Fair Face Recognition Workshop and Challenge

For additional details and important dates, please check the following
channels of communication:


Workshop: The workshop will focus on bias analysis and mitigation
methodologies, which will result in more fair face recognition and
analysis systems. These advances will have a direct impact within
society's equality of opportunity. In this proposal we plan to provide
a comprehensive up to date review on fair face recognition and
analysis research. We find of crucial interest to centralize ideas,
discuss them and push the field to advance towards more fair systems
for the good of society. Complementary to that, we will also
contribute pushing research in the field by releasing a large
annotated dataset for fair face verification and running an associated

Challenge: We present a new collected dataset with 15k images from 3k
new subjects along with a reannotated version of IJB-C database (140k
images from 3.5k subjects), totalling 155k facial images from 6.5k
unique identities. Both databases have been accurately annotated for
gender and skin colour (protected attributes) as well as for age
group, eyeglasses, head pose, image source and face size. We will
evaluate submitted models for bias in terms of total causal effect of
the protected attributes (including their combination) to the
verification accuracy while adjusting for the other attributes. The
final ranking of each model will depend both on its bias and accuracy
with the emphasis on bias.

Preliminary (tentative) Schedule:


- Paper submission: July 7th, 2020
- Notification to authors: July 28th, 2020
- Camera-ready: September 4th, 2020

- Start of the challenge (development phase): April 7th, 2020
- Start of test phase: June 22th, 2020
- End of the challenge: July 1st, 2020
- Fact sheets and code submission: July 4th, 2020
- Release of final results: July 12th, 2020


Sergio Escalera, Computer Vision Center (UAB) and University of Barcelona, Spain

Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland, United States of America

Eduard Vazquez, Anyvision, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Neil Robertson, Queen’s University Belfast / Anyvision, Belfast,
Northern Ireland

Pau Buch-Cardona, Computer Vision Center (UAB) and University of
Barcelona, Spain

Tomas Sixta, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Julio C. S. Jacques Junior, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and
Computer Vision Center (CVC/UAB), Spain

This event is sponsored by ChaLearn and Anyvision.