ECCV Online Announcement

Dear Vision Researchers

The ECCV team is happy to announce that ECCV 2020 is going ahead.
It will be a 100% online event.

We're still working out the details, but the structure
will be approximately as follows.

* The schedule will be the same:
  Main conference: Aug 24-27
  Workshops and tutorials: Aug 23 and 28

* There will be 'orals', 'spotlights', and 'posters'.
  Springer will publish the proceedings.

* All papers will have a pre-recorded video presentation.
  Each paper will also have a short 'highlights' video.

* Every paper will have several hours of scheduled individual interaction time.

* Workshops and tutorials will still happen, but there are individual
  details to be worked out for each. They will also have pre-recorded
  videos and live sessions.

* There will still be an Industrial Exhibition. The format is
  being designed. We expect that it will include pre-recorded 
  videos and live broadcasts.
* There will be two fees:
  * a 'publication' fee for authors, which includes registration
  * a small registration fee for all other delegates
  We are still working out the details of the prices.  

These dates are still expected:
  Paper decisions: 3 July
  Final paper version: 17 July

Please watch the ECCV 2020 web site for more details:

Potential delegates can register their interest at:

Best wishes, the General Chairs (Bob, Cordelia, Manuel, Vitto)