ECCV Visual Object Tracking Challenge Workshop, VOT2020 Call for Papers

ECCV Visual Object Tracking Challenge Workshop, VOT2020
August 28th 2020, Glasgow, UK

Full-day workshop in conjunction with ECCV 2020

We are happy to announce that the 8th Visual Object Tracking Challenge
VOT2020 will be held in conjunction with ECCV2020.

Open challenges in VOT2020:
1. VOT short-term tracking challenge VOT-ST2020
2. VOT short-term real-time challenge VOT-RT2020
3. VOT long-term tracking challenge VOT-LT2020
4. VOT color and thermal short-term tracking challenge VOT-RGBT2020
5. VOT color and depth long-term tracking challenge VOT-RGBD2020

* A NEW performance evaluation methodology will be used for short-term trackers
* SEGMENTATION ground truth used for the short-term tracker evaluation
 (trackers may report segmentation masks)
* A NEW Python toolkit will be used

Participate by:
1. Sending the results of your tracker
2. Sending a full-length paper

The VOT committee solicits full-length papers describing:
* Original or improved trackers as well as papers giving new insights
into existing trackers or class of trackers.

* Novel ways of using and extending the VOT framework for tracker
performance analysis.

Contributors of the trackers outperforming the baseline will be
invited to co-author the results paper.

For additional information please see the VOT2020 homepage


Toolkit alpha testing starts: early March 2020
Challenge open: March 20th 2020
Results Submission: May 3rd 2020 (24:00 CET - midnight)
Paper Submission I (standard): May 31st 2020
Paper Submission II (high-quality tracking papers not accepted to ECCV): July 6th 2020
Notification (submitted papers): July 10th 2020
Camera-ready: July 17th 2020
Workshop: August 28th 2020


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