challenge Compound Emotion Recognition and Multimodal Call for Papers

Dear Affective Computists
Emotion recognition has a key role in affective computing. People
express emotions through different modalities. Integration of verbal
and non-verbal communication channels creates a system in which the
message is easier to understand. Expanding the focus to several
expression forms can facilitate research on emotion recognition as
well as human-machine interaction.  Therefore, we, at University of
Tartu, University of Barcelona, Lodz University of Technology and
University of Aalborg, are now running a joint on challenge Compound
Emotion Recognition and Multimodal (Audio, Facial and Gesture) based
Emotion Recognition in IEEE FG2020. The challenges are around two
important problems which are:

    recognition of compound emotions, that require, in addition to
    performing an effective visual analysis, to deal with recognition
    of micro emotions. The database includes 31250 facial faces with
    different emotions of 115 subjects whose gender distribution is
    almost uniform;

    recognition of multimodal emotions composed of three modalities,
 namely, facial expressions, body movement and gestures, and
 speech. The corpora contains recordings registered in studio
 conditions, acted out by 16 professional actors (8 male and 8

To participate you may check this link:
The important deadlines are:

    5th Nov, 2019: Beginning of the quantitative competition, release
    of development and data;

    10th Feb, 2020: Deadline for code submission;

    22nd Feb, 2020: Release of final evaluation data decryption
    key. Participants start predicting results on the final evaluation

    23rd Feb, 2020: Contest paper submission deadline;
    28th Feb, 2020: Camera ready of contest papers;

    4th March, 2020: End of the quantitative competition. Deadline for
    submitting the predictions over the final evaluation data. The
    organisers start the code verification by running it on the final
    evaluation data;

    9th March, 2020: Deadline for submitting the fact sheets;

    11th March, 2020: Release of the verification results to the
    participants for review. Participants are invited to follow the
    paper submission guide for submitting contest papers;

    18-22 May, 2020: FG 2020  Joint Challenge on Compound Emotion
    recognition and Multimodal (Audio, Facial and Gesture) based
    Emotion Recognition (CER & MMER) results and presentations.

If you need any further information please contact me,
Best Regards
On behalf of  all organizers

Prof. Dr. Gholamreza Anbarjafari (Shahab)
Head of iCV Research Lab,
Chair of SP/CAS/SSC Joint Chapter of IEEE Estonia Section 
Institute of Technology,
University of Tartu, 
Nooruse 1, Tartu 50411 Estonia