Human Activity Detection in multi-camera, Continuous, long-duration Video Call for Papers

 Call for Papers and Participation:

About the 2nd International Workshop on Human Activity Detection in
multi-camera, Continuous, long-duration Video (HADCV'20) under the
IEEE Winter Conf. on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), Aspen,
Colorado, March 01 or 06, 2020

Workshop Website:

The 2nd International Workshop on Human Activity Detection in
multi-camera, Continuous, long-duration Video (HADCV'20) is organized
in conjunction with the WACV'20 conference ( and
will focus on human activity detection in multi-camera video
streams. Activity detection has been an active research area in
computer vision. The ability to detect human activities is an
important task in computer vision due to its potentially wide range of
applications such as public safety and security, crime prevention,
traffic monitoring, and control, eldercare/childcare, hospital
activity monitoring, and many more. The ActEV (Activities in Extended
Video)( series of challenges started in spring
2018 to support the development of technologies for multi-camera,
automatic activity detection algorithms. In this workshop, the aims
are to present the research findings of the current ActEV challenges
( and The
workshop will provide a platform for researchers to share research
experiences and foster collaboration. In addition, we are inviting the
research community to submit unpublished research papers which will be
published in the IEEE Digital Library on the following topics:

-Activity detection in untrimmed video
-Activity detection, recognition, classification, and prediction
-Multi-camera object detection and tracking in crowded scenes
-Human activity and behavior analysis in indoor/outdoor environments
  for public safety, security, traffic monitoring, and control, etc.
-Human activity monitoring in public spaces
-Person re-identification
-Human pose estimation and gesture recognition
-Human activity understanding
-Spatio-temporal activity/object localization
-Human behavior and activity analysis
-Anomaly detection in indoor/outdoor activities
-Human-human and Human-object interaction
-Indexing and retrieval of human activity in video datasets
-Multi-camera analysis
-Evaluation criteria and metrics for Activity detection
-Benchmarking datasets and annotations
-Machine learning/deep learning methods for activity detection
-Big video dataset
-Ontology of human activity
-Applications of activity detection and understanding in public safety
and security, traffic monitoring and control, crime prevention, etc.

As organizers of the workshop, we are looking forward to contributions
in these and related areas.
A. Godil, J. Fiscus, A. Hoogs, R. Meth

Important Dates:
December 15, 2019: Poster Paper/Abstract Submission Due (2/4 pages limit)
December 15, 2109: Paper Submission Due
January 10, 2020: Notification to Authors
January 15, 2020 : Camera Ready Papers Due
March 01 or 06, 2020: HADCV'20 Workshop Date

If you have any question about the HADCV'20 Workshop, please email to