ICCV 2025 Proposals

Call for Proposals for ICCV 2025

Under the traditional ICCV geographical rotation, ICCV 2025 should be
held in Asia or Oceania. Please send proposals to morse@byu.edu by May
15, 2020.  Please also let us know if possible when you start working
on a proposal so that we know itís coming.  The proposal should
include the following information: dates, city, meeting site, hotel,
and team details (general chairs, program chairs, finance chair, local
arrangements, and some of the other members in charge of the
program). The team should contact the site to make sure the intended
dates are indeed available and attempt to reserve those dates if
possible. The proposal should include a preliminary budget. It should
also include plans for any journal special issue if any. After
proposals are submitted, additional information may be requested by
the PAMI TC executive committee or the meeting's sponsors.

As approved at ICCV 2019, voting for the location and organizing team
for this meeting of ICCV will be done at CVPR 2020 rather than at the
next ICCV as we usually do. This was intended to allow more time to
secure a suitable location while still allowing the community to vote
on the options.

Voting will be conducted using the same process we used for recent
meetings of CVPR and ICCV: there will be an electronic vote open to
all registered attendees at CVPR 2020, which will open after the bids
are presented at the TC meeting.  While we very much hope to get
submissions, if fewer than two proposals are are submitted by the
deadline, the PAMI TC Executive Committee may choose to put together
an alternative team and venue.