ICMR Update March 18 2020

Updated 18 March 2020. The organisers of ICMR 2020 are aware of the
ever-changing global situation with regard to the COVID-19
pandemic. We are working with the ICMR steering committee and SIGMM
officers to determine the best option for facilitating the ICMR'20
conference, and we expect to communicate the result of these
considerations in 1-2 weeks. Please note that the scientific
activities of the conference are proceeding as planned, so authors
should follow the instructions and deadlines from Sheridan
Publishing/ACM for the submisison of their final paper versions. In
particular, it is our intention that the conference proceedings will
be published according to the planned schedule and it is our hope to
organise the best possible ICMR'20 conference which facilitates all
participnts as best we can.