Conference Call for Papers

ICPR2020 and COVID-19 - Think positive

Dear friends,  Dear scientists,
we are working hard for our community in the ICPR2020 organization,
during this complex time of COVID-19. We write this message to assure
you that the safety and wellbeing of the conference participants is
our top priority.

We are continuously updated on the COVID-19 situation from local
authorities and the World Health Organization. Italy is doing the most
massive population swabbing in the West, and the Italian Health System
is credited to be one of the best worldwide.

We are fully confident that by the time of ICPR2020, in September,
COVID-19 will be just a past unfortunate event, and all concerns will
have subsided. We are therefore maintaining the submission deadline of
March 18, review timetable, and acceptance notification date of June 1
for submitted papers, as planned.

We are optimistic about September in Milano. Nevertheless, we will
continue to monitor the situation, and we will remain ready to address
in the most appropriate way any travel restrictions for the attendees.

We invite you to submit your work and we look forward to meeting you
at ICPR2020 in September!

The ICPR2020 organizers