Recent Trends in Multimedia Analytics and Security Call for Papers

IET Image Processing
Special Issue on "Recent Trends in Multimedia Analytics and Security"


Recently information and communication technologies have experienced
colossal growth, of which multimedia has been one of the most
exciting. Multimedia has expanded beyond its original scope with the
advent of social media and large quantities of multimedia data (e.g.,
images, videos, audio, and computer graphics) that can now be created
in a short time frame. When multimedia is stored in a networked
environment, it can be connected for viewing, sharing, commenting, and
storing. These scenarios have introduced concerns over issues such as
identity theft, unauthorized access, and digital rights
management. Addressing these concerns has received substantial
interest and attention from the research community. One such solution
is multimedia data hiding. Multimedia data hiding, defined as
imperceptible embedding of information into a multimedia host,
provides potential solutions, but with many technological
challenges. Some applications include E-health, military,
communication, privacy protection, identification, media file
archiving, broadcast monitoring, secured E-voting systems,
fingerprinting, real time audio/video, robotics, rightful ownership of
identity card and digital cinema. This Special Issue will focus on
various problems and research opportunities in multimedia security
technologies, their innovative applications, and future directions for
multimedia security.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
** Emerging trends and applications of multimedia information hiding
** Multimedia Information Security and Digital Rights Management
** Multimedia forensics
** Privacy preservation
** Intelligent Security Techniques for Multimedia Information/data
** Real-time multimedia security
** Security metrics for multimedia data hiding
** Multimedia delivery over open channels
** Electronic security
** Multimedia availability, recovery and auditing
** Security of multimedia information in social media
** Theoretical aspects of multimedia information hiding
** Multimedia Block chain
** Multimedia Security in Distributed and Cloud computing environments
** Emerging privacy and security threats in multimedia
** Deep learning models for multimedia security
** Protection systems against multimedia unauthorized access and identity theft
** Innovative applications of multimedia security, e.g. telemedicine, smart cities, finance, IoT and healthcare

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Important dates
Paper Submission to start: May 1, 2020
Paper submission deadline: October 1, 2020
Publication Date: July 2021

Guest editors
Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, IIT Jodhpur, India
Prof. Jonathan Wu, University of Windsor, Canada

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