Advances in Digital Security: Biometrics and Forensics Call for Papers

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Pattern Recognition Letters - Special Issue

Advances in Digital Security: Biometrics and Forensics
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Nowadays, there is a strong interest by governments, organizations,
and companies across the world on adopting and using forensic tools
and biometric technologies to face identification, frauds, civil
crimes, fake news, and terrorism.  Although biometrics and forensics
deal with different aspects of security, they both support law
enforcement and investigation and both follow the constant evolution
of the methodologies and technologies. Moreover, new scenarios arise
where techniques designed for biometrics can be utilized for forensic
purposes, or vice-versa. Furthermore, the recent impact of deep
learning techniques in major pattern recognition application areas,
including biometrics and forensics, gives to this field new
challenges, including security issues.  The aim of this special issue
is to gather innovative contributions in the field of security,
forensics, and biometrics which include many key sectors like
Forensics Analysis, Watermarking & Data Hiding, Steganography,
Surveillance, Biometrics and Soft Biometrics, Biometric analysis of
crime scene traces, etc.
The topics of the Special Issue include, but are not limited to:

    Anonymity & Privacy
    Applied Cryptography
    Biometrics and Soft Biometrics
    Audiovisual biometrics for multimedia forensics
    Forensic behavioral biometrics
    Biometric analysis of crime scene traces
    Communication & Physical-Layer Security
    Forensics Analysis
    Adversarial machine learning
    Deep learning
    Hardware Security
    Information-Theoretic Security
    Multimedia Content Hash
    Security of Large Networked Systems
    Usability & Human Factors
    Watermarking & Data Hiding
    Covert Communication & Side-Channel Attacks

Important dates
Submission period: June 1-30, 2020 (may be extended)
First review notification: August 15, 2020
Revision submission: September 30, 2020
Second review notification: October 31, 2020
Final submission: December 1, 2020
Final notice of acceptance/rejection: December 30, 2020

Submission guidelines
Paper submissions must conform to the Pattern Recognition Letters
format guidelines Manuscripts can have no more than 7 pages (plus one
page after revision) and must be submitted to the online submission
system. When submitting their papers through the online system,
authors must select the acronym ”VSI:BIOFOR” as the article
type.  Submissions to the special issue must include new, unpublished,
original research. Papers must be original and have not been published
or submitted elsewhere.  If the submissions are extended works of
previously published papers, the original works should be included and
a description of the changes that have been made should be provided.
The submission should include at least 30% new contribution of high
relevance. The title and the figures of the submitted paper should be
different, and the common part of the conference paper and of the
extended version cannot be verbatim the same.

Guest editors will make an initial determination of the suitability
and scope of all submissions.

For inquiries regarding the special issue, send an email to the
managing guest editor at:
Guest Editors
Ph.D. Diego Gragnaniello, University Federico II of Naples, Italy
Prof. Chang-Tsun Li, Deakin University, Australia
Ph.D. Francesco Marra, University Federico II of Naples, Italy
Prof. Daniel Riccio, University Federico II of Naples, Italy