4th Data Challenge Workshop on Recognizing Families In the Wild (RFIW) Call for Papers

EEE international workshop on in conjunction with 2020 FG

4th Data Challenge Workshop on Recognizing Families In the Wild (RFIW)

-- Automatic Modeling and Analysis of Kinship

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We are pleased to announce the fourth large-scale kinship recognition
data competition, Recognizing Families In the Wild (RFIW), in
conjunction with the 2020 FG. RFIW has been made possible with the
release of the largest and most comprehensive image database for
automatic kinship recognition, Families in the Wild (FIW) dataset.

All submissions (i.e., challenge papers, general paper submissions,
and Brave New Ideas) will be peer-reviewed for publication as part of
RFIW2020 in the IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and
Gesture Recognition (2020 AMFG) proceedings. Also, paper
presentations, either oral and or poster, along with special guest
keynote speakers, are in store for the workshop and award ceremony
agenda at the 2020 AMFG conference on 18-22 May in Buenos Aire,
Argentina.  Updates

All three challenges are live on codalab! CMT open for paper
registration and submission: papers on novel work in automatic kinship
recognition and Brave New Ideas.

    2019-12-11 Konica Minolta donated to award the best paper. Thank you, and welcome to our first sponsor!
    2019-12-11 Competition portal for track 3 now open! (Codalab (T3))
        Search & Retrieval of Missing Children (many-to-many)
        Can you generate a ranked list of predicted relatives provided a gallery of faces for different subjects?
    2019-12-11 Test date pushed back! Phase 3 for all tracks scheduled for 13-20 January 2020.
    2019-12-04 Competition portal for track 2 now open! (Codalab (T2))
        Verify Tri-subjects (two-to-one, i.e., parents-child)
        Father/Mother-Son; Father/Mother-Daughter.
    2019-11-14 Competition portal for track 1 now open! (Codalab (T1))
        Verify Kinship (e.g., grandfather-to-granddaughter)
        11 different pairwise types and largest set of pairs yet 
    2019-11-03 Call for Papers (submission link)

Call For Papers

Call for general papers and Brave New Ideas on original work in
automatic kinship and or match the interest of the AMFG community. We
added this to ignite the creativity of the community outside the
controlled settings of evaluations-- where assessments are great for
structuring problems such that researchers and practitioners have a
testbed for fair comparisons of algorithms and reproducible
experiments/analysis. However, this alone limits the scope of
use-cases and studies on kinship, as seen in the visual domain, and
beyond. Especially with the data made available with the latest
version of FIW. We hope to see light shed on one or more of the
following ways:

    To advance the state-of-the-art for kinship verification and
    family classification.

    To benchmark new tasks for FIW, like fine-grain classification,
    large-scale search, and retrieval, tri-subject verification.

    To propose generative models for family photos, relative faces,
    photo albums, such.

    To explore and understand multimodal uses of text captions
    accompanying the family photos of FIW.

    To pitch cluster, multi-view, and various types of problems.

    To treat kinship as a soft attribute for higher-level tasks (e.g.,
    facial recognition, group understanding, social media analysis).

    Much more.

Previous RFIW Workshops

Ever since the first RFIW Challenge Workshop as part of the 2017 ACM
MM in Mountain View, CA, USA, we have seen great progress. After three
successful RFIWs (along with a recent Kaggle competition) and great
research strides from the community, we aim for great leaps for this
4th edition. Let's continue to close the gap between
research-and-reality for the highly applicable technology of automatic
kinship recognition.

Taking a look back, here are the homepages of previous RFIW are listed
as follows:

FIW on Kaggle, https://www.kaggle.com/c/Recognizing-Faces-in-the-Wild

RFIW2017: https://web.northeastern.edu/smilelab/RFIW2017/ 
RFIW2018: https://web.northeastern.edu/smilelab/RFIW2018/
RFIW2019: https://web.northeastern.edu/smilelab/RFIW2019/
Important Dates

1st CFP: 3 Nov 2019

Challenge begins: 8 Nov

Challenge ends: 13 Jan 2020

Papers due: 20 Jan

Author notifications (i.e., oral or poster): 5 Feb

Camera Ready due: 26 Feb  

Paper presentations & awards, 2020 FG Conference: May 18-22
Or People

Honorary Chairs

    Rama Chellappa, University of Maryland
    Matthew A. Turk, Toyota Technical Institute of Chicago (TTIC)

General Chair

    Yun Fu, Northeastern University, USA

Workshop Chairs

    Joseph P. Robinson, Northeastern University, USA
    Ming Shao, University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth)
    Siyu Xia, Southeast University (China)
    Mike Stopa, Konica Minolta
    Samson Timoner, ISMConnect 
    Yu Yin, Northeastern University, USA 

Web and Publicity Co-Chair

    Zaid Khan, Northeastern University, USA

Author Guidelines

Submissions made via CMT:

Following the guidelines of IEEE FG: 

    long: 8 pages (including references); short: 4 pages (+1 for references)
    Using FG template [ Latex, Word ]


For general inquiries, such as requests, ideas, and concerns, please
email the following correspondents:

Joseph Robinson (robinson.jo@husky.neu.edu)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, 
Boston, MA, USA

Ming Shao (mshao@umassd.edu) 
Computer and Information Science, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 
Dartmouth, MA, USA