Synthetic Multimedia - Audiovisual Deepfake Generation and Detection Call for Papers

ACM Multimedia 2021 Workshop on 
Synthetic Multimedia - Audiovisual Deepfake Generation and Detection

Call for Papers

The development of powerful deep learning technologies has also
brought about some negative effects. One such issue is the emergence
of deepfakes. While most work has focused on fake images and video
alone, the multi-modal, audiovisual aspect is very important to both
convincing generation and accurate detection of fake multimedia

In addition to developing accurate and robust detection models, it is
worthwhile to explore fake media generation methods as well. Content
generation has many meaningful and beneficial applications, such as
commercial ads, education, privacy protection, etc. Therefore, fake
media generation constitutes an integral component of the proposed

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a platform for researchers
and engineers to share their ideas and approaches, and give some
insights on fake media generation and detection to both academia and
industry. We invite submissions on a range of AI technologies and
applications for synthetic media and media forensics. Topics of
interest include but are not limited to the following:

    Fake image/video generation and/or detection
    Fake voice generation and/or detection
    Audiovisual Deepfakes and adversarial attacks
    Audiovisual Deepfakes and Fairness and Ethics
    Audiovisual Deepfakes and Data augmentation
    Audiovisual Deepfake datasets

Important Dates

    Paper submission deadline: 10th August 2021
    Notification of acceptance: 26th August 2021
    Camera-ready paper: 2nd September 2021

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should follow the ACM Multimedia 2021 format and comprise
6-8 pages, with up to two additional pages for references.


    Assoc Prof Stefan Winkler, National University of Singapore
    Dr Weiling Chen, National University of Singapore
    Dr Abhinav Dhall, Monash University, Australia, and IIT Ropar, India
    Dr Pavel Korshunov, Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland

More information is available at the workshop website:

The organizers can be reached via